Twiggs County, Ga.
American History and Genealogy Project
DEATHS:  Nancy Chappell 1818; Cornelia Burns 1849; Mary Ann Burns 1849; Mary Lillian Jones 1900: Laura Hammack Martin 1925; Mary M. Bull Ray 1927;  Charlie Moore 1931; Dr. J. G. Slappey 1932. Annie Pearl Carraway Bayne 1944; Fred Guyton 1945
MARRIAGES:  Ann Bryan to Ira E. Dupree 1823; Mary Jane Lowry to Rev. Jacob R. Danforth 1845; Piety Brazil to Jeremiah Knight 1847;  Ella Jones  to D. W. Brown 1883; Carrie Wimberly to D. S. Faulk 1902; Lois Alexander to Lewis Eugene Stripling 1937
SURNAMES:    Fowler; Howell

DEATHS:  Dennis Edward Hood 1923; Rebecca Evans 1926; Mrs. J. M. Burke 1929; B. D. Melton 1930; Eleanor Crosby Hardy 1935;  Charles Felton Kitchens 1937;  Edith Wood 1941; Henrietta Fountain West 1943; Corp. Grady E. Ard 1943
MARRIAGES:  Alma Tharpe - D. Roger James 1923;  Wilma Florence to Thomas Alton Yancey 1928; Mary Virginia Vaughn -  James E. Bryant 1930;  Rubye Carolyn Helton - J. Gayden Swann 1933;  Velma Williams - Leslie Wohlford 1944; Doris  Clegg - James C. Hester 1945
SURNAMES:    Allen; Horn(e)


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