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My name is Eva Reed and I am the County Coordinator for Paulding County, GA.

Frequently Asked Questions

GA Official Code - 36-72-1.
(a) The care accorded the remains of deceased persons reflects respect and regard for human dignity as well as cultural, spiritual, and religious values. The General Assembly declares that human remains and burial objects are not property to be owned by the person or entity which owns the land or water where the human remains and burial objects are interred or discovered, but human remains and burial objects are a part of the finite, irreplaceable, and nonrenewable cultural heritage of the people of Georgia which should be protected.

As used in this chapter, the term:
(1) "Abandoned cemetery" means a cemetery which shows signs of neglect including, without limitation, the unchecked growth of vegetation, repeated and unchecked acts of vandalism, or the disintegration of grave markers or boundaries and for which no person can be found who is legally responsible and financially capable of the upkeep of such cemetery.

Counties, anywhere within the county boundaries, and municipalities, anywhere within the municipal boundaries, are authorized, jointly and severally, to preserve and protect any abandoned cemetery or any burial ground which the county or municipality determines has been abandoned or is not being maintained by the person who is legally responsible for its upkeep, whether or not that person is financially capable of doing so, to expend public money in connection therewith, to provide for reimbursement of such funds by billing any legally responsible person or levying upon any of his property as authorized by local ordinance, and to exercise the power of eminent domain to acquire any interest in land necessary for that purpose.

More GA Laws concerning cemeteries.

Paulding County Cemeteries
Submit Cemetery Information
Report an Endangered Cemetery

Classes of Cemeteries

Maintained - A cemetery that is maintained by an organization, city or state. (Grass cut regularly, markers maintained.)

Kept - A cemetery that was endangered but has since been maintained by a person or organization.

Endangered - A cemetery that is semi-maintained, in danger of being relocated, vandalized or light overgrowth. This is the terms due to the fact that a semi-maintained cemetery isnít out of the endangered stage. Those who semi-preserve arenít really making it better they are just delaying the inevitable if not fully maintained.

Perished - A cemetery term we rarely use due to the fact that developers are always finding hidden cemeteries which were lost. But some are found by hikers and kids. These would be cemeteries that are in total disrepair. Shattered stones, fieldstone markers only, extreme overgrowth and not restorable. The cemeteries cannot be properly preserved as most can. We can only preserve the grounds on which a cemetery is that once contained headstones.

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