1863 map, 1865 map south of Arnold Map
1864 map  Map
Near Mount Zion. Mrs. Jane Richardson lived here at the time of her death in 1839.
Beulah aka Sheba
1865 Map near Devereaux  Map
Big Spring
1865 Map
Big Woods
"Community was populated almost exclusively by former slaves from the adjacent Dickson Plantation.  It was located on the Hancock-Washington county line north of the present day Hamburg State Park.  The mill at Hamburg serviced residents of the Big Woods.There was at one time a store called "David Walker's Store" located to the South West of Big Woods in Washington County.  Based on census information, oral histories and recollection of former residents it was fairly sizeable, but began to dwindle in the late 1940's and early 1950'as as the sharecroppers and tenant farmers and their children began to migrate to the cities and to the North." Harrell Lawson
 Lake Sinclair East. D. L. Butts lived here in 1891. 
Buffalo(e) aka Linton
Carrs Station aka Carrs
Depot was established on the Macon & Auguta Railroad in 1868.'oPost office established here in 1874. 1883 map, railroad station, west Hancock. Named for J.D. Carr who was the railroad and express agent and owned a general store here. Population in 1910 - 75.  Map
1904 Map
1883 Map
Chestnut Grove
Home of Col. John Bonner and his wife Frances Mason Bonner. 1864 Map
Central of Ga. RR station 1915 Map
1915 Map
Plantation of Eli H. Baxter. 6 miles from Sparta.  1865 Map
Culverton aka Mount Carmel
Named for Hardy Culver. Incorporated 1891. William H. Culver,  mayor, and Horace Darden, James W. Moore and
Benjamin C. Culver, councilmen Map
1854 U.S. Gazetteer,  a small village on the S.E. border of Hancock county, Georgia, a few miles E. from Milledgeville. Darien Baptist Church was founded here in 1794. Map
Devereux aka Devereaux Store (1839 map)
southwest of Sparta, On Georgia Railroad. Named for Samuel M. Devereux who was postmaster here in 1842. Mrs. S. M. Devereux was postmistress here in 1846. Population here in 1910 - 250. 1839 Map
A black community founded after the civil war, west of Sparta 
Post office  here in 1912. Population 1910 - 75. 1915 Map
(historical), near Hancock/Washington borders. Map
1865 map
near Baldwin/Washington county borders   Map
Glenford aka Glen Ford
(historical)  Shoulderbone area  1915 RR station Map
Miss Alfreida Brown, daugher of Gaston Brown was  postmistress here in 1904 
Glenn Grove
T. J. Smith lived here 1858
1865 Map 
Granite Hill
3 miles northeast of Sparta
Tenth District  A & M  School  was located here. Map
Gum Hill 
northwest of Sparta, near Greene County line  Map
(historical)  near Devereux  Map
Horeb Church Community near Mayfield 1865 Map 
Howell Grove aka Oakland
Shoulderbone area.  Map
Jewell aka Rock Mills, Rock Factory, 
Jewells, Jewells Mill 
First known as Rock Factory. Also known as Jewells, Jewells Mill.  Hancock & Warren counties, incorporated 1872 by Daniel A. Jewell, Montgomery S. Medlock and Adam Cason. Named after Daniel A.Jewell in 1856. Population in 1910 - 500. Post office here as Rock Mills in 1846. 1839 Map     (1865 map)
Island Creek
1863  Map. Community in east Hancock county, church established here in 1794. Governor McDonald lived here.
S. G. Evans was postmaster here in 1852. 
Linton aka Buffalo (e)
Named after Linton Stephens, formerly called Buffaloe. "City of the Future" . Founded about 1833. The Washington Institute was here. Post office here in 1912. Population 1910 - 202.     Map
Littles Ferry
Oconee River. Was called this in 1849 per Augusta Chronicle
Long's Bridge
Hartwell Hitchcock was the postmaster here in 1841 & 1842,  Post office discontinued in 1860.  Near Washington County line 1839 Map
1885 map Postoffice, opened in 1881, J. M. Callaway was post-master. Closed in 1889. Newton Boyer lived near here in 1882
Martin's Ferry
Oconee River Map
Mayfield  aka Latimores Mill
(1864 map)
1915 Map
Montour Village
Mountour Mill village. William Fraley, Ezekiel F. Cothern, George W. Watkins, Samuel A. Pardee, George G. Wilbur appointed  commissioners in 1858. In Sparta. On 1884  Sanborn Fire Insurance Map
Fort Fidius was built on the east bank of the Oconee River approximately six miles south of Milledgeville.  Within a short time, a town called Mount Pelier or Montpelier was developed a half-mile above the fort. John Miles was a commissioner from Montpelier.  In 1797 J.W. Devereaux, contractor and quartermaster,  had a store here and in Sparta. In 1807 this area of Hancock became part of Baldwin County and the town faded away. Montpelier Church which was organized in 1794 eventually was moved in 1843 about 4 miles north on the Sparta Hwy.
Mount Zion
108th GMD. Hamilton Bonner, Jr. was Post officer here in 1842.  1854 U.S. Gazetteer, "  a thriving post-village of Hancock co., Georgia, 30 miles N. N. E. from Milledgeville, has a   flourishing seminary, and 3 churches. Population, about 400." 1839 Map
New Hope aka Mt. Gilliard
Church Community (1885 Map)
1899 Map
Oakland aka Howell Grove
1874 map. Northwest of Sparta.
Old Millen Ferry
(historical) Map
Pine Ridge
1865 Map 
Poplar Hill
1832 map
106th GMD. Commissioners, 1816: Sampson Duggar, Reuben T. Battle, Thomas Crowder, Nicholas Childers, Charles Williamson, Charles W. Callier and Stephen Weston. James Bell was  Postmaster here i n 1842.  Population 100 in 1910. 1839 Map
Post office here in 1912. West of Powellton. Population 100 in 1910.
1809  was here. 1814 Map, northwest of Sparta
Ross Dale
1854 U.S. Gazetteer,  post-office of Hancock co., Georgia. 1864 Map
1865 Map 
1865 Map 
Sheba aka Beulah
1910, 1915 maps  Map
Shivers Mills aka Mayfield (1839 Map)
1834 map, now Mayfield
Shoals of Ogeechee
1834,1854 maps. A manufacturing post-village of Hancock co., Georgia, on the Ogeechee river. Thomas Cheely was Postmaster here in 1842
Sandy Run
southwest of Sparta. Map
Shoulderbone aka Harris Mill, Shoulder
Post office at Shoulder in 1912. Population in 1910 - 46. c) Treaty of Shoulderbone took place here. Map
Snow Hill
1835 map, Southwest of Sparta
County seat, Thomas Lancaster, Archibald Martin, James H. Jones, Samuel Hall and Willie Abercrombie, appointed commissioners of the town of Sparta.  December 3, 1805. Postmaster here in 1842 - James H. Burnett.  Sparta population 1,715 in 1910, Map
north of Sparta.  Map
Spring Grove
Capt. Edward B. Brooking lived here in 1821. 
1839 map, southeast of Sparta. Post office here in 1834
 Home of Bishop George F. Pierce, northeast of Sparta  Map
Sylvan Hill 
The Graybills, Moores, Simmons, Griggs, and McGilermary families lived here. 1832, 1865 maps
south of Sparta. Map
Wallers Store
Hancock-Warren County border. Map
Warrens Mount. 
Post office here in 1835. 1839 Map
Post office here in 1912. Population in 1910 - 100. 1865 Map 
Whitehead's Mill
Ogeechee River, east of Powelton Map
Station on Central Railroad 1895 Map

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