Hickory Grove School
Photo by Harrell Lawson
Hancock County Ga.Schools
Lafayette Carrington was a teacher at the poor schools in 1850 and 1851. List of List of 1880 Teachers
If you have any information about Hancock County schools, teachers or pupils list please contact me.
Public schools for black and white students in Sparta were established in 1889. The first board of education for the town of Sparta was established in 1890 .  Frank L. Little, LaFayette Powell, John T. Jordan, Lindsey Baker, George S. Vardeman, Robert H. Lewis, Seaborn Reese, William F. Little, Gordon McComb and Frank H. Thomas were on the board. 
  "In the early 1900's there were 17 schoolhouses erected in the rural districts, They came with two acres of land, cost about $450 each for a 1 teacher school up to $700-$800 for 2 teacher school. " Atlanta Constitution March 10, 1901. There were twenty-four white schools in 1905.   M. L. Duggan was the county school superientenant. J. L. McCleaky in 1913.
Schools currently open are marked with star.
Allen Institute of the AME Church
African American . In 1882 the school had 130 students. Source: July 27, 1882
THE CHRISTIAN RECORDER  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. " Rev., Prof. Lewis Emory Hall was appointed to take charge of this school by Bishop Dickerson in 1881. Rev. Hall, born Feb. 22, 1856, was a native of Frederick Maryland. He was the son of Elder Richard A. Hall, a founding trustee of Morris Brown College. He attended Howard College in Washington, D. C. He came to Georgia in 1877 when his father was appointed to Big Bethel AME Church in Atlanta, Georgia."  submitted by Janice D. Laster
Bass Academy
African-American, between Sparta and Dixie settlement burned Jan 18, 1890 
C.P.Beman School 
White.  1876 Rev. F. P. Mullally, D.D., Rector; W. D. Seymour A.M., Associate;  Miss Belle C. Brown, Assistant.
Beulah School
White. Consoldiated school, Miss Minnie Harper, who had been a teacher in the county for 24 years was the  principal in 1913.
It had one wagon.  Map
Bethel School
 Was located about a mile southeast of Culverton . Map

Bethlehem School
Photo by Harrell Lawson
Served as a church and elementary school and closed prior to 1959. African American. Harrell Lawson
S.N. Chapman Public School
This consolidated school was built in 1911 at Powelton. It was "constructed on bungalow style, contains eight rooms, eight acres of
land for poultry yard, flower and vegetable garden, will have a cannery and kitchen connected with the school. Is named on honor of the late S. N. Chapman, who taught the old Powelton school for 40 consecutive years." Milledgeville News May 12, 1911..   E. B. Davis was principal in 1913.

Cherry Hill School location
Photo by Harrell Lawson
on Dickson Plantation. African-American. "When Cherry Hill School burned in the early 1950's students attended school on the grounds of St. Paul CME Church in the Masonic hall." Harrell Lawson
Classical and Commercial Academy
Island Creek. 1833 - James Stewart of Scotland, Principal. 
County Line Academy
White. West of Sparta. Incorporated 1838. Trustees - Frederick Trawick, Shadrach Trawick, Henry Thompson,
Reuben Bullington, and  Benjamin  Brooking
Culverton Academy/ Culverton Male and Female Institute 
White. Culverton. Incoporated 1859. Trustees -  Jeptha V. Culver, John W. Mason, Irwin Waller, Milton Bass, James H. Middlebrook. Teachers in 1871 Prof. William B. Kendrick, Mrs. M. S. Kimbrough. Board of Trustees 1871: H. L. Middlebrooks, President, John L. Culver, Irvin Waller, J. W. Moore, John Turner, Secretary. Map 
Culverton Consolidated School.
Culverton. consolidated 1909. In 1913 it had five wagons, a fine building with eight acres of ground, a poultry department, domestic science and music. S. H. Harris principal. Consolidated with schools within ten miles radius in 1928. Children were trucked to school. Map 
Devereaux School 
Devereaux. Miss Lampley teacher in 1885. A. S. Wheeler, principal in 1913. Used 3 wagons. Consolidated with schools within ten miles radius in 1928. Children were trucked to school. 

East End School
 Photos by Harrell Lawson
African American, Sparta, part of school still stands on East Broad St., covered by trees. African American. Information contributed by  James Michael Smith, M.D.   "East End served as a high school into 1940s and as an elementary school until 1959."
Harrell Lawson
Farmer's Academy 
White. Devereux. Incoporated 1832. Near Devereux. Trustees -Samuel M. Devereux, James L. Daniel, Thomas J. Sanders, Joseph McCulloch, and Thomas W. Barton. 1865 Map 

Galilee School
Photo by Harrell Lawson
African- American, southeast of Sparta. Map
"Galilee served as an elementary school until 1959.  Currently serves as a fellowship hall for Galilee Baptist Church." Harrell Lawson
Green's School House 
White, Near Island Creek, Bessie Stanley was teacher here in 1900. 1865 Map
Hancock Central High School 
 located in Sparta. Current. Map
Hancock Central Middle School 
 located in Sparta. Current. Map
Hancock County Crossroads Alternative School
Hwy 15 N. Sparta. Current. Map
Hancock County Training School 
 African American, Sparta.  Opened in 1960 on Powelton Avenue, replacing L. S. Ingraham High School, and eventually renamed Hancock Central High School. contributed by  James Michael Smith, M.D.

Photos by Harrell Lawson
Hickory Grove School.
Map "It was closed in 1959 when all African-American students were migrated to a consolidated school in Sparta. " Harrell Lawson
Hopewell School.
Carrs Station . Map
Hopewell School.
African American, was near Linton. Map
Island Creek Academy
White. West Hancock Co., near Lake Sinclair. Trustees 1853 - John McGilvary, I. J. Bass, G. W. Butts, John Respes, John M. Peek, S. G. Evans. Teacher in 1853 George C. Davis.  Incorporated 1857. Trustees - John McGilvary, John R. Binion, Ingram Bass, Sterling G. Evans, John R. Respess, Jas. J. Butts and John Wilcoxen. 1865 Map
Jackson School 
West Hancock Co. near Lake Sinclair. Map
Jewells Mills Academy
White. Professer John F. Cheney teaching here in 1869.
John Hancock Academy 
Private school. Current. Map
School at Plantation of John Lewis 
was advertised in the Georia Journal in 1810. Benjamin H. Sturges was opening a school at the plantation of Col. John Lewis in Hancock county, about 8 miles from Sparta, 14 from Milledgeville. He was to instruct youth in Latin, Greek and French languages, English Grammar, Geography and ordinary braches of English Education.
Marvin E. Lewis Sr. Elementary School
Current school. North Sparta. Map
Linton School/Linton High School
 Linton, W. E. Reynolds, Professor in high school in  1897. Build on site of old Washington Institute, 
Consolidated with schools within ten miles radius in 1928. Children were trucked to school. Map 
Mayfield Academy 
White, Mayfield community. Established 1843.  Consolidated with schools within ten miles radius in 1928.
Children were trucked to school.  Map
Mansfield School
New building in early 1900s 
Minor School.
Southeast corner of county.  Miss Myrtle Rossee was teacher here in 1917.  Map
Mount Stephens School
African American, North near Greene County line, was at Mount Stephens Church. Map 
Mount Zion  name changed to The Mount Zion Academy,"in 1823.
White. North of Sparta. This famous school  produced many politicans, religious leaders and educators. Started by Nathan S.S. Beman December 1812.  Miss Harriet Stebbins was the teacher for the female students in 1819. Mr Gildsleeve - assistant for the male students. Article His brother Carlisle P. Beman was a student there and in 1820 took charge of the male dept.  until about 1822 while Nathan took the female dept . In 1822  Carlisle Beman took charge of the  whole school until 1824, then returning in 1826 until continued there until his retirement in 1858. Governor William J. Northen was assistant to Dr. Beman in 1854 and managed the school when Dr. Beman retired in 1858. Electa Strong Storrs was governess of  the  female department until her death in 1817. Some students include Hon. A. H. Chappel, Hon. Charles J. McDonald, Hon. Robert Jemison, Alabama congressman Dixon Hall Lewis, Dr. Francis Anderson Thomas, and Dr. James E. Thomas. 1823 Trustees - John G. Gilbert, Barnaba Shivers, Thomas Lundy, John Brown, Benjamin Gilderslieve and Joseph Bryan. Richard Malcom Johnston was a teacher here from, 1845-1846. Called Mount Zion Select School in 1870, W.J. Northen A.M. Rector.  Map 
Mount Zion Public School
White. Mount Zion, north of Sparta. Miss Nepple Hunt was a teacher here. The school bell from the Mount Zion Academy was here per 1904 newspaper article. Map 
Powelton Academy
White. Powelton, northeast Hancock. Co-Educational, Some Teachers -  Lucian Whittle, Miss Rebecca Pratt, Simpson Fouche. Incorporated 1815.  Trustees - William Rabun, Nicholas Childers, Thomas Cooper, Sampson Duggar, Archibald R. S. Hunter, James Crowder, Reuben T. Battle, John Veazey, and Stephen Weston. Students include: William T.Colquitt, Mark A. Cooper, Eugenius A. Nisbet, Richard Malcolm Johnston, Charles J. McDonald and Judge Augustus H. Hansell. M. J.Ingraham was rector here in 1816.  In 1817 Mrs Ingraham was music teacher, Miss H. Stebbins sicence teacher, Gillet F. Smith teacher. J H. Miller was English Teaher and  F. G. Smith was rector in 1818.   Miss Harriett Stebbins was a teacher here in 1818. In 1820 Mr. Richard Warn, of Schenectady, N. Y. Rector of the Academy at Powelton,  was married to Miss Julia Pierpont, of Manchester, Vt. teacher of the female department of the same institution, by Rev. Nathan S. S. Beaman. Some Students in 1817.   Report of Powelton Academy 1 Nov. 1835  Map
Powelton Public School
White, Consolidated with schools within ten miles radius in 1928. Children were trucked to school. northeast Hancock. Map
Pride School
Was north of Sparta. Map
Rankin Hill Academy
White, located "on the other side of Shoulderbone" Miss Lollie E. Sheeves, teacher in 1889.
Rockby School for Boys
White. Granite Hill, 3 miles from Sparta. (historical marker)   National Register of Historic Places 1861-1867. Operated by Richard Malcolm Johnston. J. S. Newman was principal after Prof. Johnston in 1867. Merged with Sparta Male and Female High School in 1874.
Southwest School
Hwy. 22 South, closed. Map
Sparta Public School
White. Consoldiated with schools within ten miles radius in 1928. Children were trucked to school. Map
Sparta Academy
White. Sparta. Incorporated 1826. Trustees - William Terrell, Robert W. Alston, Thomas S. Martin, Nathan C. Sayre, Thomas A. Smith, James  ?. Jones. Sparta Academy Students 1835. In 1869 Thomas A. Murray and his assistant Mrs. Arnold were teachers. In 1881 Prof. Wm. M. Slaton, was the head of the school; In 1882 & 1883 Rev. D. Q. AbbottMiss Neppie Hunt was the teacher in 1885. Prof. J. W. Hill, 1886. Military department was organized in 1886, Frank L. Little, Jr. elected Captain. Map
Sparta Agricultural and Industrial Institute
 aka Ingram's College became L.S. Ingraham High School
African American. Wwas located 1-2 miles west of Sparta. Map
Sparta Female College aka Sparta Female Seminary, Taylor Female Academy
Sparta. White. Organized about 1800 by Terence Taylor of Vermont. Baptist supported.
Active in 1851; Principal: R. M. Johnson. Map
Sparta High School
Public school for whites. Opened in 1889. Professor W. T. Dumas was the principal for 15 years until he resigned in 1904.  The school was in the old Male and Female Academy until the new school was built in 1895. Costing $15,000 it was built of Hancock granite and pressed brick from Aiken. S.C., and heated by a furnace.  It accommodated 300 pupils and the auditorium would seat almost 600. In 1907 the board of trustees elected Prof. T. H. Smoot, principal, Miss Claude Middlebrooks, Miss Eunice Thomas, Mrs. E. W. Smith, assistants; Miss Florence Clancy, music teacher; Mrs. Hattie Archer, 5th grade; In 1915 the board of trustees elected J.N. Haddock,  principal; Fielding Dilllard, assistant principal; teachers elected were Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, Miss Annie Mayo, Miss Cornith Baker, Miss Eloise Rozier, Miss Irima Phillips, Miss Ruth Fields. Map
Sparta Male and Female Schools
White. Baptist supported. In 1851 the principals in the male school were  Thomas C. Neel & Richard M. Johnston. Principal in the female school was Rev. John A. Mosefey.  Trustees: S. A. Pardee, T. M. Turner, B. T. Harris, H. Rogers, J. T. Martin .  Trustees were authorized to sell  property in 1858. Map
Sparta Male and Female High School
White. Boarding school in Sparta. Merged with Rockby School. 
In 1874 Capt. T. A. Murray & Prof. J. S. Newman were principals. Map
Spring Creek School
White. Near Fairplay. 1864 Map Before 1849. Ivey W. Duggan was a teacher here in 1849. 
Springfield Agricultural School
Culverton. Established by Hubert family. (African-American). Baptist supported. Second Shiloh Baptist Association
owned and "abandoned" land by 1916. 
Sticks School 
African American. North of Sparta. Located next to Sticks Church aka Pleasant Grove A.M. E. Map
St.Louis School
African American. Northeast of Sparta. Map Next to St. Louis Church. 

Photos by Harrell Lawson
St Paul School
African American. Served as an elementary school replacement for Cherry Hill, but was discontinued as a school prior to 1956.  Originally constructed as a Masonic lodge and burial society meeting place. 
Sylvan Hill Academy
White, private,  Professor in 1831 - T. Blackburns,
Trustees - Benjamin H. Jones, John W. Simmons, James Bass, John W. Simmons,  B. Simmons. 1865 Map
Tenth District  A & M  School 
Granite Hill, 3 miles east of Sparta. White, co-ed school. Opened in 1907. Formally owned by Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia  it was turned over to Hancock County in 1933. 
Thankful School
African American, at  Jewell. Map Near Thankful Church. 
Thena and Tebuy branch schools
African American. Were consolidated into one school (name unknown), with an alliance hall on top,  in 1889. Was located on Hancock/Washington County line. Possible near the resident of Tom Howell, 

Photos by Harrell Lawson
Trinity School 
African American. Served as an elementary school until 1959.
Union Academy 
White. Was located 2 1/2 miles N. W. of Island Creek. Mattie Fowler was the teacher in 1883. 
 W. P. Williams was the teacher in 1885. 
Union School
African American , in Jewell next to Union Church. Map 
Villa School
White.  Southwest of Mt. Zion Dr. Carsile Beman opened this school at his home near Mt. Zion in 1846. Due to an increase in pupils Dr.Beman engaged another boarding house at Mrs. Smith's near his residence and hired Frank Mullally to help him. The school operated until 1857 when Dr. Beman retired. source: Atlanta Constitution Oct 2. 1904. 1865 map
Washington Institute
Male and Female School, incorporated 1858.  (Baptist Asssociation) Rev. Asa Duggan, first President and Col. J. T. Smith, Secretary. Trustees - Asa Duggan, L. R. L. Jennings, O. C. Pope. W. H. Hall, A. Jones, Thomas Jordan, John Graybill, D. W. Lewis, W. J. Harley, J. B. Jordan, J. Ray, J. Stone, T. J. Adams, T. H. Latimer, and T. J. Smith. . Brick building, 2 stories high per Jesse H. Campbell, in Georgia Baptists : historical and biographical. In 1862 Rev. T. J. Adams and J. W. Duggan were principals in the Literary Department. Prof. J. J. Gorres and Mrs. Goress taught in Musical Department and Mrs. J. Butcher the Ornamental Department.
Burned to ground in 1895. Property was deeded to county for Linton public school in 1897. Map 
west of Mayfield. See Georgia Archives: School Records/Daily Attendance ---Whaley School, 1901-1903   (see 170-8-101)
Miss Lola Allen, principal 1913
See Georgia Archives: School Records/Daily Attendance. ---Willowhead School, 1899-1900. Georgia Duggan, teacher in 1891 

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