Passport Applications
Hancock County Georgia

Charles L Bass of Fairburn, Ga. Minister of the Gospel traveling to France to work in Army Y. M. C. A.
Born Apr. 30, 1871 in Baldwin Co., Ga.,
Father Charles Henry Bass born in Hancock Co, Ga. & died in Milledgeville, Ga in 1874.
Issued Jul 31, 1918

Elizabeth H. Baxter of Shreveport, La. applying in Cairo, Egypt
Born Dec. 22, 1820, Sparta, Ga.
Issued Mar 1, 1902

Minna Mcleod Beckof Harrisburg, Pa.  A supervisor traveling to Great Britain, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, France and Italy for educational purposes.
Born May 18, 1878 in Atlanta, Ga. Father Alexander Beck born Sparta, Ga
Issued May 2, 1923

Robert W Boyer of Milledgeville, Georgia,
Born Sep 7, 1891 in Sparta, Ga.
Issued Jun 21, 1916

James M Brown of San Antonio, Tex. Traveling salesman going to Mexico to sell goods.
Born Mar 30 1880 in Sparta Ga., Father A. S. Brown born in Sparta Ga. living in Raysille, La.
Issued Oct 15, 1920

Sarah Law Wadley Burt of Balingleralee, Ga. Traveling to England and France with husband
Boon Apr  21, 1886, Great Hill Place, Ga.
Husband William Geraud Burt born Sparta, Ga.
Issued Jul 25, 1919

Henry H. Cumming of Augusta, Ga. in real estate, traveling to South America.
Born Apr 2, 1867 Knoxville, Pa. Father Thomas W. Cumming born in Sparta, Ga.,
Issued Mar 9, 1920

J Hill Dawsonof Baltimore, Maryland. Lawyer.
 Born Jul 22, ,1864 in Sparta Ga.
Issued Nov 6, 1914

Edgar R Dawson, of New York, N. Y. Temporarily living in Berlin, Germany.
Born Apr 22, 1867 in Sparta, Ga.
Issued Oct 9, 1901

Mary P Fergusonof Sparta, Ga.
Traveling to France, Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain, Belgium, Netherlands, German, Spain
Born Dec 22, 1895 in Atlanta, Ga.
Father William H. Ferguson born in Ga. Living in Gibson, Ga.
Issued Apr 9. 1924

Julia Ansley Gaitherof Marietta, Ga. Missionary traveling to Huchow, China
Born Jun 28, 1847 in Dahlonega, Ga. Father Dr. Henry Gaither born near Sparta Ga
Issued 1917 and Jul 3, 1922

Charles C Harper of Bartow, Fl.
Farmer traveling to Cuba for Shrine Ceremonial
Born Jun 23, 1887 in Hancock Co., Ga. Father A. P. Harper born in Ga.
Issued Oct 22, 1919

Mattie P. Harrisof Roanoke, Va.
Born Aug 10, 1858 in Sparta, ,Ga.
Issued May 19, 1900

Martha Harris of College Park, Ga. Traveling to Japan to attend Worlds Sunday School Convention, China, Honolulu for touring
Born Oct 12, 1882 in Hancock Co., Ga. Father Henry Harris born in Ga.
Issued Jun 30, 1920

Charles Henry Harris, of College Park, Ga.
Born Sep 28, 1884 in Sparta, Ga. Clerk on Panama Railroad. Traveling to Cuba and Panama.  Father  Henry Harris born in Sparta.
Issued Aug 1, 1919 and May 12, 1921

Mrs. Orie A Hinsonof Swainsboro, Ga., Steno-bookkeeper traveling to Turkey as a member of Relief Commission.
Born Oct 31, 1890 in Hancock Co., Ga. Husband William Jasper Hinson born in Lancaster Co., S. C.
Issued Jan 27, 1919

Henry a Hunt of Ft. Valley, Ga. Teacher traveling to England, Belgium, France, Italy and Switzerland on business.
Born Oct 10, 1866 in Hancock Co. Father Henry A. Hunt born in Hancock Co., Ga.
Issued Aug 6, 1921

Thomas Frances Hunt of Berkeley, Ca. College professor traveling to British Isles, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Italy.
Born Jul 16, 1879 in Sparta, Ga. Father Jefferson Hunt born in Sparta, Ga.
Issued Apr 29, 1921

Jane W McKeard Hunt of Berekley, Cal. Traveling to England, France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland.
Born Sep 19, 1882 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Father Thomas Francis Hunt born in Sparta, Ga.

Robert Franklin Ingram Dentist traveling to Great Britain, france and Germany for pleasure.
Born Apr 22, 1864 in White Plains Ga. Father James C. Ingram born in Hancock Co., Ga.
Issued Jul 31, 1923

C. H. S. Jackson of Forsyth, Ga. President of Monroe College.
Born Jun 14, 1858 in Hancock Co., Ga.
Issued Jun 19, 1905

G Gunby Jordan of Columbus, Ga. Manufacturer.
Son Ralph Curtis Jordan.
Born Jun 19, 1845 Sparta Ga.
Issued July 2, 1900

Thomas H Little of Sparta, Ga. Merchant. Wife Christine Little.
Born Oct 11, 1862 in Sparta, Ga.
Issued Feb 20, 1897

Jane Hungerford Milbank of Freeport, N. Y. Historian traveling to Madeira, Spain, Gilbrater, Algiers, France, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, The Holy Land and British Isles for study.
Born Apr 10, 1871 in Sparta Ga. Father Charles Budd Milbank born in New York, N. Y.
Issued Jan 19, 1923

Ethel Malary Neel of Columbia University, N. Y. Student traveling to Italy to study voice and France for travel.
Born Feb 15, 1887 in Atlanta Ga. Father Charles N. Neel born in Sparta, Ga. living in Cornelia, Ga.
Issued Sep 9, 1924

Benjamin Ohlmanof Sparta, Ga. Merchant. Born Dec 10, 1861 in New York
Issued Mar 26, 1900

Samuel Bell Palmer of Sparta, Ga. Salesman traveling to Cuba with wife Martha Harris Palmer
Born Nov 18, 1872 in Columbus, Ga. Father John H. Palmer born in Knoxville, Tn.
Issued Jan 5, 1920

Samuel A Pardee of Atlanta, Ga. Traveling to Cuba and Isle of Lines on commercial business.
Born Mar 27, 1873 in Valdosta, Ga. Father William A. Pardee born in Sparta, Ga.
Issued Mar 11, 1918 and Oct 17, 1918

Marcus W Purvis of Bayside, Long Island, N. Y. Traveling auditor traveling to Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and COlumbia
Born Nov 10, 1878 in Sparta, Ga. Father Jacob Y. Purvis born in Georgia, lives Ocala, Fl.
Issued Jul 3, 1919

Augustus Seaborn Reese of Sparta, Ga., with wife Mable, children - Francis, Guslene, Roxie, Willie & Frederick. Chemical manufacturer at Cape Province, South Africa for purpose of Superintendent of acid works. for Cape Explosive Works. Here from 1902 to present. Visiting  Union of South Africa and British Isles enroute to the U. S.
Born Dec 27, 1875 in Sparta, Ga. Father Seaborn Reese born in Morgan Co., Ga.
Issued Apr 16, 1924

Harold Augustus Reese of Somerset West Cape, South Africa. Student
visiting  Union of South Africa and British Isles enroute to the U. S.
Born Jan 1, 1906 in Somerset Strand, South Africa
Father Augustus Seaborn Reese born in Sparta, Ga., living in Cape Province
Issued Apr 16, 1924

Millard Kilpatrick Seals of Atlanta, Ga. Canteen Steward traveling to Great Britain and France for Y. M. C. A. service
Born Feb. 19, 1877 White Plains, Hancock Co., Ga.
Father Augustus A. Seals born Cherokee Co., Ga.
Issued Nov 12, 1918

Alwyn M Smithof LaGrange, Ga. Teacher.
Born Jan 4, 1865 in Sparta, Ga.
Issued Jul 6, 1897, May 20, 1901, Mar 26, 1906

Julia B Springs of Charlotte, N. C.
Born Oct. 24, 1827 in Sparta, Ga.
Issued Jun 26, 1889

Pleasant A Stovallof Savannah, Ga. Newspaper business.
Born Jul 10, 1857 in augusta, Ga. Father B. A. Stovall born in Sparta, Ga.
Issued Mar 24, 1919

Hewett S Treadwell of Jacksonville, Fl. Accountant traveling to Cuba to work for Armour Fertilizer Co.
Born Sep. 11., 1892 Jacksonville, Fl. Father W. M. Treadwell born in Sparta, Ga.
Issued Sep 20, 1910

John David Walker of Sparta, Ga., Banker traveling with wife Adah P. Walker to Japan for pleasure.
Born Jan 6, 1871 in Augusta, Ga. Father Clarence V. Walker born in Augusta, Ga.
Issued Oct 19, 1917

Emmett Rufus West of Albany, Ga. Merchant traveling to Portugal, Spain, Greece, British Isles and Possessions, Egypt, France, Turkey, Switzerland, Belgium for pleasure.
Born Feb 25, 1865, Carrs, Hancock Co., Ga. Father Thomas J. West born Greensboro, Ga.
Issued Oct. 13, 1924

Annie Perry Williams of Buford, Ga. Temporarily residing in Tampico, Mexico. traveling to live with husband who is assigned to duty at Tampico with U.S. Public Health Service.
Born Mar 13, 1888 in Hancock Co., Ga. Father Dr. R. C. Williams born in Russell Co. Ala.
Issued July 19, 1920

Cyprian Porter Willcox of Athens, Ga., Professor
Born Nov 26, 1822 in Sparta, Ga. Father Cyprian P. Willcox born in Sparta, Ga.,
Issued May 29, 1891
In 1922 he was a living in Cedartown, Ga. and Minster of the Gospel traveling to England, France and Belgium. Issued Jul 14, 1920

Lendsay Wilson of Toledo, Oh. A butler traveling to West Indies for employment.
Born May 18, 1888 in Sparta, Ga. Father Robert Wilson born in Georgia.
Issued Jan 12, 1920

Ada B Winslow of Columbus, Miss. Teacher traveling to England, France and Italy for pleasure.
Born Aug 22, 1873 in Birmingham, Al. Father J. B. Winslow born in Sparta, Ga., living in Manchester, Ga.
Issued Apr 12, 1922

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