Thomas Moughon 1810
John Chambers 1811
P. Turner 1812


Richard A. Blount replaced by
John Turner Dec.1811
Edward B. Brooking 1812
William Hudson  1812


John and Nancy Long, formerly of Washington County. Dec. 3, 1830

Luverna E. Walker and John E. Walker. Luverna E. name restored to Luverna E. Culver.

Obadiah Shivers and Sally Shivers, formerly Sally Long,  December 1833

John H. Kelley and Martha A. Kelly, February 22 ,1856


Edna Louis Temple  to Edna Louis Alford, reputed father, John L. Alford. December 1841

William A. Waggoner to William A. Waller, reputed father John T. Waller. February 1850

Sarah Locklin to Sarah McWhorter. February 1854

Rebecca Gertrude Garland, John Darius Garland and James William Garland, of the County of Hancock, in this State, be and the same are hereby changed to the names of Rebecca Gertrude Herringdine, John Darius Herringdine and James William Herringdine,  the children of James W. Herringdine. February 1854


Osborne Randle, murder,  Novermber 1808
John B. Childers, murder, pardoned November 1835


Oconee River - John Jeter, 1813


Powelton, Sylvan Hill, Poplar Hill, and Medlox's  established 1834

store house of Charles Medlock, and one other at Poplar Hill 1835

store-house of E. Gardner, in the village of Powelton 1836

Sylvan Hill, at the house of John McGilermary 1836

at the store of John and William J. Hitchcock, near Long's Bridge. 1839

Election precinet in the One Hundred and First District, of Hancock county, known as Sylvan Hill Precinet, be removed to the house of Sterling Evans, of the One Hundred and Fourth District. 1852


Hancock Steam Saw Mill
Incoporated 1838 by
James Bell, Reuben J. Battle, John Rudisill, Charles M. Irwin, William R. Battle, John W. Rabun, and Levin E. Culver

Hancock Steamboat Company.
Incorporated 1849 by:
Thomas M. Turner, Andrew J. Lane, William A. Cook, Henry D. Amos, George W. Watkins, Orrick J. Murray, James R. Simpson and John Foster. 1849

Hancock Manufacting company
Incorprated 1853 by
William Terrell, Benjamin Harris, Thomas M. Turner, Thomas M. Hunt, William D. Winn, James Thomas, Theophilus J. Smith.

Sparta Hotel Company
Incoporated in 1852  by
William Terrell, Thomas Whaley, David W. Lewis, Thomas C. Grimes, Theophilus J. Smith, Thomas M. Turner, James B. Edwards, William Fraley

Southern Central Agricultural Society of Georgia
Incorporated in 1854 by
Thomas Stocks and James M. Davidson, of the county of Green; William Terrell and David W. Lewis, of the county of Hancock; Mark A. Cooper, of the county of Cass; William M. De Antignac and Robert Y. Harris, of the county of Richmond; William C. Daniel, of the county of DeKalb; Richard Peters, of the county of Fulton; Benjamin E. Stiles, of the county of Bibb; Phineas M. Nightengale, of the county of Dougherty; Seaborn A. Jones, of the county of Chatham; John S. Thomas, of the county of Baldwin; George M. Troup, of the county of Laurens; Samuel Griswold of the county of Jones, and John S. Linton of the county of Clark

Bank of Sparta
incoporated 1856 by
Thomas M. Turner, Thomas T. Windsor and Andrew J. Lane

Montrose Manufacturing company should have been Montour Manufactuing company incoporated by William Fraley ( changed in 1859) not William Waly.
Incorporated by Wm. Waly 1856


T. Battle and Henry C. Battle
authorized to practice theHomopathic system, 1852

Charles H. Audus
authorized  to practice medicine
 February 1854

Baily White
authorized to practice upon the Eclectic system
March 1856

W. W. Johnson
authorized  practice medicine
December 1857

source: Georgia Legislative Documents, Georgia's Virtual Library

Eileen B.McAdams copyright 2004