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Probate Court, Inferior Court cases

These are files of civil and criminal cases of the Inferior Court sitting as a court of law.  Mixed in with these records are a few case files of Justice of the Peace Courts.  They were partially processed and described by the 1993 Archives' Institute Practicum.  The following listing, arranged alphabetically by the last name of the plantiff, is not complete.  Approximately 70 cases remain unprocessed and undescribed.

UNIT  CONTENTS              94-618A                                           LOCATION 4322-36

        Atkinson, Lewis vs. Whition B. Green, 1824

        Bishop, Stephen vs. John Denson Estate, 1825

        Brown, William for the Use of James Brown vs. James W. Armstrong, 1815

        Bryan, Issac vs. Jesse M. & Elizabeth J. Davies, 1844

        Bryan, Issac vs. Elizabeth J. Gilbert, executrix of Allen  Gilbert, 1842

        Bryan, Isaac vs. Elizabeth Gilber, et al., 1842

        Clements, Stephen vs. Brice Gaither, 1807

        Crowder, Edmund Estate vs. John McKenzee, 1797

        Culver, Nathan vs. John G. Gilbert, 1820

        Dawson, Thomas and Elizabeth (John) Rogers vs. John Henderson, 1808

        Dickson, John vs. Curry Dickson (Hancock), 1855-56 (folder 1)

        Dickson, John vs. Curry Dickson, 1855-56 (folder 2)

        Devereux, Samuel M. vs. Nathaniel Griggs, 1839

        Eubanks, Nancy vs. John Kelly, et al., 1838

        Frasier, Daniel vs. Reaves, Nelson, 1866

        Glass, Zachariah vs. Isham Hogan, 1797

        Goodwin, Young vs. Davis and Thomas Joliff, 1808-1811

        Griffin, William vs. James P. McCay, 1868

        Griffin, William vs. James Osborne, 1866

        Hall, Bolling & William Alexander vs. Burwell & Allen Greene, 1810

        Hall, Jemima vs. David A. Butts, 1868

        Hanford, James vs. John R. Monce (principal) & Charles C. Skiner, 1861

        Harris, Benjamin T. vs. Jeremiah C. Pearson, 1866

        Harwell, Patty vs. David & Young Goodwin and David Morgan, 1810-12

        Hill, Isaac vs. William Grantham, 1818

        Hayes, Patrick Estate vs. William Minor Estate, 1798 (folder 1)

        Hayes, Patrick Estate vs. William Minor Estate, 1798 (folder 2)

        Hood, Edward vs. Rhodes, Henry (Hal) W., 1831

        Huckaby, David vs. William Grantham, 1808-1811

        Humphrey, Thomas vs. Myhask Howell, 1807

        Ingram, B. & Thomas, et al. vs. Thomas Dudley, 1839

        Jackson, A.M. vs. Stephen E. Pearson, 1866

        Jackson, A.M. vs. David W. Lewis & Henry L. Burt, 1866

        Jackson, James vs. Charles McDonald, 1797

        Jernigan, Albert A. vs. John J. Green, 1862-1866

        Johnston, R.M. vs. B.A. Alfriend & A.E. Sykes, 1866

        Jones, Edmund vs. David Goodwin & Ira Portis, 1810

        Jordan, Benjamin S. vs. Francis A. Grimes, 1851-1858

        Justices of the Inferior Court of Hancock County Sitting As a Court of Ordinary vs. Thomas Mason, et al., 1840

        Kelly, Ann vs. W.E. Terrell, 1858

        Kelly, John Estate vs. William Stiles(?), et al., 1799

        Lazenby, John A. vs. Thomas J. Dickson, 1866

        Lemone, Jonis M. vs. A.E. & J.B. Reeves, 1840

        Lewis, Cain vs. Jane Mitchell (interrogation of John W. Rudisill,  1862-1863

        Lewis, John W. vs. William Dickson, 1846

        Little, Franklin L. & Mary A.E. Ruskin vs. Daniel A. Green, 1866

        Little, Thomas I. vs. Elizabeth Little (admin. estate of John W.  Mitchell, 1861-1866

        Lloyd, John vs. Henry Colquitt, 1809

        Lowe, Henry vs. John McLemore, 1804

        Lucas, Henry & J. Burch vs. William Finch & Martin Gilbert, 1811

        Mahoney, Dennis vs. David G. Rose, 1824

        Mansfield, Eli vs. John M. Mason, 1828

        Mansfield, Eli vs. Thomas Mason, Jr., 1828

        Martin, John T. vs. James T. Andrews, 1866

        Martin, John T. vs. Stephen E. Pearson, 1866

        Martin & Abercrombie vs. Moon Mapp, 1825

        Mason, William G. & Co. vs. George Golden, 1828

        Mason, William G. & Co. vs. Jared Miles, 1823 (folder 1)

        Mason, William G. & Co. vs. Jared Miles, 1823 (folder 2)

        McClendon, Joel vs. Henry Gaither, 1790

        Michael, John (surveyor, for the use of George T. Jamison) vs. Greenberry Penkston, 1815

        Minor, William vs. Henry Gaither, 1797

        Nelms, Nancy vs. William R. Menton, 1846

        Ordinary, Court of vs. Thomas Allason, et al., 1840

        Peckbearer, Michael vs. Benjamin Cook, 1834-1836

        Pendleton, Edmons M. vs. John Rachels, 1854

        Pound, David vs. William L. Reaves, 1866

        Rhodes, Henry W. vs. Obediah Alford, 1832

        Ridley, Archibald B. vs. Bartholomew Ingram, 1822

        Rimes, George S. vs. Frank Cobb, 1868

        Robinson, John vs. Allen Cook, 1798-99

        Sayre, R. Stokes vs. Benjamin A. Alfriend, 1866

        Simpson, Jacob W. vs. John Cook, 1841

        State vs. Bob Brown, 1866

        State vs. Burnell Earnest, 1867

        Stewart, James B. vs. Francis R. Grimes for Thomas C. Grimes,  1857

        Sayre, R. Stokes vs. J.C. Pearson & Stephen E. Pearson, 1866

        Sayre, R. Stokes vs. Stephen E. Pearson & J.C. Pearson, 1866

        Thomas, James vs. Green Warthew, et al., 1858

        Turner, James vs. Isaac Pound, 1866

        Turner, John and H. vs. Jeremiah C. Pearson, 1866

         Turner, Thomas M. vs. J.C. Pearson, 1866

        Turner, Thomas M. vs. W.L. Reaves, 1866

        Turner, Thomas M. vs. Stephen E. Pearson, 1866

        Tyrus, Lewis vs. John Chappelli,  1818-1822

        Verdery, A.F. vs. Martha Cheely, 1862

        Warrant against Orville Simmons, 1867

        Warren, Jeremiah vs. George Ingram, 1820

        Washington County vs. A.R. Kennedy vs. T.R. Duprees, 1842

        Wellborn, James M. vs. Thomas J. Dickson, 1866

        Watts, William vs. Edmund V. Burris(?), 1847

        Wood, Cullen vs. Nicholas H. Clay & James Ray, 1850

        Wynn, Thomas Estate vs. Frederic Green & Robert G. Crittenden, 1810


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