Shoulderbone Mounds and Village (pdf)

Private Stockades

Wiley Abercrombie, Island Creek
Chambers, Shoulderbone Creek
Foster's, Hancock/Greene boundary
Fort Glascock
state garrisoned, Cedar Shoals, between Fort Fidus and Fort Twiggs

Federal Town

First established federal fort on Oconee River in 1789. Built near Rock Landing, about 8 miles south of Milledgeville. A tobacco warehouse inspection station and about 15 homes were here. According to John Popes " A Tour Through The Southern & Western Territories of North America, etc. published in 1792, Captain Joseph Savage, an artillery officer from Massachusetts, who was here  July 1790, called it Fort Massachusetts. It was also known as "Old Salem"  The fort was moved to Fort Fidius April 1793 due to the unhealthiness of the site. John Minor owned 2 lots here. His estate published the sale in 1797 Augusta newspaper.

Fort Twiggs

State fort, located Oconee River, Shoulderbone area
 "Lieut. Devereux has Since received orders to march at Fort Twiggs & I Shall Start to morrow for the country over- against the High Shoals of the Apalachia to recruit and leave a Cavalry guard under command of an intelligent Serjeant [Sergeant] there; as also to Warford's, untill [until] the officers that are to take charge of them have time to join their command."
Letter [with enclosure], 1794 Aug. 1, Greenesborough [to] George Mathews, Governor of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia/ Captain Jonas Fauche
Southeastern Native American Documents, 1730-1842
"We the Subscribers being desirous of promoting the Intrust [Interest] of the Frontier Inhabitants adjasent [adjacent] to Moses Parkers, being Twelve Miles above Fort Twigs On the Bank of the Oconee, [deleted: at] at a noted Shoal & Crossing place a Beatifa[added: ll] [Beautiful] place to cover there [their] spies crossing the [added: River] and to prevent the Savages from any advantages in attacking the said fort, it being in the Center of a Frontier Company and the wish of the neighbors Genranly [Generally] and your petitioners shall ever pray &
[Signed] G.W. Foster J.P.
[Signed] E. Lyman J.P.
[Signed] Jno. [John] Blair
[Signed] John Armor Capt
[Signed] And [Andrew] Armor
[Signed] Wm. [William] Hill
[Signed] [unclear: Jos] Fitzpatrick
[Signed] R: McAlpin J.P.
[Signed] James [unclear: Armor]
[Signed] Jno [John] Harrison
[Signed] Peyton T. Smith
[Signed] John [unclear: Mcmichael]
[Signed] Wm [William] Scott
[Signed] Little [unclear: Berry] Jenkins
[Signed] Lewis Jenkins
[Signed] Jno [John] Wallace
[Signed] Geo. [George] Phillips
[Signed] Rene Fitzpatrick
[Signed] Jos. Patrick
[Signed] [unclear: Thos] Owen
[Signed] Jno [John] McAlister
[Signed] Dan. [Daniel] Young
[Signed] John Jenkins"
Source: Hawkins, Benjamin, A combination of A sketch of the Creek country, in the years 1798 and 1799
Spartanburg, S.C.: Reprint Co., 1974, 602  pgs.
Fort Fidius,
Federal fort established 1793, Oconee river, 2 miles south of mouth of Fishing Creek, Hancock/Baldwin County. The town of Montpelier was laid out 1/2 mile from here
"28th February
William Williams, of Handcock County, in the State of Georgia, exhibited to me a claim for a horse supposed to be stolen by the Creeks on the 8th of September; the claim properly attested to. He gave me also the claim of Bryon Marsh for a horse taken on the 8 September and supposed by the Creeks.
Fort Fidius, March 4, 1797
Received from the Department of Indian Affairs, under the direction of Benjamin Hawkins, one brown mare, 3 year old one black mare 6 year old, and one 2 year old filley; they were taken from the Islands. My name is Issac Hanby; I live on the Oconee, near the Islands, and I have had these horses returned without any expense.
Source: Hawkins, Benjamin, A combination of A sketch of the Creek country, in the years 1798 and 1799
Spartanburg, S.C.: Reprint Co., 1974, 602  pgs.
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