Island Creek Baptist, established 1794
Hancock County Ga. Churches
In 1854 Hancock County had 21 churches and in 1870 41.
Historical Family Churches - check out the great site.
Apostolic Faith African American, Springfield Rd.
Archer Grove Baptist aka Archers Grove. African American, Balerma Church Rd. Map
Old Antioch Methodist,White, burned, Rives Rd., Harpers buried there
Balerma Baptist  (Link) Established 1880. White, Balerma Church Rd. Map 
Bethel Baptist (Link)   White, Incorporated 1831. Member of Washington Association.  Trustees:  Jesse Lockhart, William Barksdale, William Dixion, William Harrel, Samuel Ewing, Stephen Roe, Bird W. Brassil. In 1852 there were 157 members, 7 were baptised that year.  Map
(Old) Beulah Baptist. White. Member of Washington Association. Incorporated 1838. Trustees - Benjamin Roberts, Patrick H. Drake, Benjamin Hall, John McLellan, William Hitchcock. In 1852 B. Roberts was the pastor. there were 104 members and 1 baptism.   Beulah Community, Beulah Rd. 
Body of Christ African American.
Brown's Chapel A.M.E. African American. Brown Chapel Rd.
Catholic Church (Link) White.Sparta, Organized 1869
Centennial Christian White. Organized 1909. Map 
Christ Healing Temple  African American.
Culverton Baptist. White, Map
Darien Baptist, founded 1794 (Link) White, incorporated 1832.  Trustees - Lee Reeves, Middleton Pool, James Gladdin, Jonathan Miller, Frederick Trawick, William Rushin and John Reaves. Near Linton. Map
Fairmount Baptist White,. Map
Faith Apostolic
Fort Creek aka Sparta Baptist. White Organized 1790 (originally Greene County)  changed to Sparta Baptist  Dec. 1833. Trustees - James Barnes, John G. Gilbert, Lewis Barnes, Reuben Bullington, Robert Bird, Daniel Garrott, John Garrott and James Thomas. 90 members and 2 were baptised in 1852. 
Fulsom Creek aka Horeb Church. White "Historical Facts from Records of Horeb Church, and from Old Resident, Covering Mayfield Proper and Surrounding Community. June 28, 1792, Fulson Creek Church (now Horeb Church)
Fulson Creek Church, now Horeb Church was constituted by Jeptha Vining and Adam Jones, Ministers with William West, Frederick Ledbettar and Cornelius Whittington as Helps. At the first conference Jacob Bankston was chosen Elder and Joseph Howell, Deacon. The site on which the church was built, near Fulsom Creek, was given by Robert Day, and is now owned by the estate of A. L. Reynolds.(as of 1934) A house was built to receive corn and cotton, which was sold and the proceeds paid to the pastor. Corn sold for 4 shillings, 8 pence per barrel." From The History of Hancock County, Georgia by Elizabeth Wiley Smith. 2 volumes. Wilkes Publishing Company, Inc. Washington, GA, Jan 1974. Volume I, page 29. Incorporated Dec. 1838. Trustees: Jesse B. Battle, Starling Evans, Anthony Jones, Thomas Whaley, and James McCason. In 1852 W. H. Stokes was the paster, 100 members, 20 were baptised.
Glenns Mary Baptist Church aka Glen Mary Baptist. African American. Established 1866 
Green Springs A.M.E. African American. Map
Hall Chapel A.M.E. African American. Map
Hancock Gospel Center African American.
Hickory Grove Baptist. African American. Established 1865. Founders were all prior members of Bethel Baptist Church. The church building was dedicated on September 15, 1868 (See The Land Between by Forrest Shivers).  Map
Holseys Memorial Church African American. Map
Hopewell  African-American, Church no longer there    Map
Horeb Baptist White See Fulsom Creek  Map Black & White until 1870
House of God Church
Hunts Chapel A.M.E. African American. Map
Island Creek Baptist White. Established 1794. Member of Washington Association. In 1852 there were 170 members, 17 were baptisted and J. M. Peek was the pastor. Map
Jewell Baptist (Link)  White
Jones Chapel A.M.E. African American. Map
Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witnesses White & African American
Knowles Chapel  White Map 
Macedonia Baptist. African American  Hwy. 15E
Mitchell Chapel A.M.E. (Link). African American. Map
Montpelier. established 1794 on Oconee River in area which became Baldwin County in 1807
Mt. Gilead Methodist Church. White, no longer exists. Eestablished 1840's, 
Mt. Hope.White,Hwy 15 E. Map 
Mt. Moriah Church. African American, established 1875 
Mt. Nebo Baptist (Link)  aka Nebo Baptist. Established 1892.  African American 
Mt. Stephens Baptist aka Baptist Church of Christ at Mount Zion; Mount Stephens Baptist Church 
Mount Zion Baptist Church. See Below 
Mount Zion Baptist. White. Member of Washington Association. Organized 1831. Trustees - Barnabas Shivers, James Barnes, John G. Gilbert, Absalom E. Reeves, Thomas Neal. The church was moved to Mt. Stephens after 1852. In 1852 there were 51 members and 5 were baptised. 
Mount Zion Methodist. Was orginally Mount Zion Prebysterian Church 
Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist (Link) African Amerian

Atlanta Constitution Oct 2 1904
Mount Zion Prebysterian Church (Link)  White.  Organized in 1813 by Rev. Nathan S.S. Beman. Services were held here until 1910. See history and early membership (link)
Nazareth Church. African American. Hwy 15 East
New Beulah Baptist. Established 1871, African American. Hwy 22.
New Green Spring A.M.E. African American 
New Hope Powelton Baptist aka New Hope Baptist. Established 1868, African American 
Northside Church of Christ.  African American 
Pearson Chapel A.M.E. African American 
Pierce Memorial Methodist. Orginally Sparta Methodist, named after Bishop George F. Pierce, when church was rebuilt after fire in 1910.
Piney Woods Meeting House. See Smyrna Methodist Church (Link)  Map
Pleasant Grove A.M. E. aka Sticks Church. African American 
Powell Grove Baptist. Established 1884. Devereaux. African American  Map
Powelton Baptist Church/Powell's Creek. White.  Organized in 1786 (originally Greene County). First call Powell's Creek Member of the Washington Association. See history. Rev. Jesse Mercer was pastor here for 28 years  Incorporated 1801. Trustees- Matthew Rabun, Henry Graybill, John Veazey, William Lord, and Jesse Battle. In 1852 W. I. Harley was the pastor and there were 104 members.
Powelton Methodist (Link)  White
Power of God Penecostal African American
Repairers of Breach Apostolic Faith. African American 
Reynolds Chapel aka Reynolds Methodist Chapel White Map
Roberson Chapel Map
Rock Mills Methodist (Link)  White. established 1840.
Sandy Run, near Warthern Map
Sandy Run A.M.E. aka Brown Chapel, Brown Church,Sand Run Church. Established 1887. African American, Devereaux. Map
Second Beulah Baptist aka Beulah Baptist. African American. Beulah Higway. Map 
Second Darien Baptist aka Second Darien.Established 1867 per Deacon Jeffery Monroe, African American. Near Linton. Map
Shivers Grove A.M.E./Shivers Grove Church, Shivers Mission. African American & White. Est. 1884. Map 
Shoulderbone Baptist Organized in 1791 in what was Greene Co. by Rev. John Thomas, Jr., (link) church was dissolved upon the Rev. Thomas's death in 1807. Reorganized in 1828, it dissolved in 1880's
Smith Cottons Meeting House. Was located near Knowles Chapel
Smyrna Methodist Church (Link). Built 1790. First known as Piney Woods Meeting House. Map
Sparta Baptist/Fort Creek Church changed to Sparta Baptist  White.  Dec. 1833. Trustees - James Barnes, John G. Gilbert, Lewis Barnes, Reuben Bullington, Robert Bird, Daniel Garrott, John Garrott and James Thomas
Sparta Camp Ground.  Incorporated  Dec. 1841.  Trustees - Hardy C. Culver, William Fraley, Isaac P. Whitehead, Joseph T. Simmons and James H. Middlebrooks,  Approval Date: Assented to, December 10th, 1841.

Sparta Methodist
Sparta Methodist Church ca. 1900,  destroyed by fire Feb. 3, 1910. Vanishing Georgia, Ga Division of Archives and History, Office of Secretary of State. The replacement church was named Pierce Memorial Methodist Churchi n honor of Bishop George F. Pierce..
Sparta Presbyterian. White. Incorporated 1842. Myles G. Harris, William H. Sayre, and Algernon S. Brown , Trustees
Springfield Church. African American Map
St. Galilee Baptist. African American 
St. Lewis C.M.E. aka Saint Lewis Colored Church, St. Louis Church. African American Map
St. Lukes Baptist. African American Map
St. Mark A.M.E (Link) African American founded 1867 Map
St. Paul Church C.M.E.  aka St. Pauls Church.  African Americanfounded 1857   History  Map
Stancil Grove aka Stancy Grove Church, Stanton Grove Baptist. African American. Devereax. Map 
Tabernacle Baptist Church. African American. Established 1877, Sparta. Map
Thankful Baptist African American. Map 
Trinity Methodist Church aka Trinity C.M.E. African American Map
Turner Church, at Culverton. Map
Union Baptist (Link) aka Union Church, Union Colored Church. Established 1869, African American.  Map 
Warren Chapel (Link) Established 1873, African American. Map 
Zebulon Methodist Church   White, Brown Chapel Rd,     Map
Georgia Baptist Church Records - Mercer University, Macon (Link)

Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives (Link)

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Sparta Baptist Church, 1790-1967


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