Brooking Bible
owned by Mrs. W.L. Randall, Atlanta, Ga.

Col. Vivion Brooking (Revolutionary soldier), b. 1736, d. 1808, m. 1768 in  St. Stephen's Parish, King and Queen Co., Va., Elizabeth Broadnax, b. 1742, d. 1806. His son, Edward B. Brooking, settled near Sparta, the county of Hancock.
Edward B. Brooking, b. 4-4-1777, d. 10-8-1825, m. 11-21-1801, Rebecca A. Jackson, b. 3-4-1788
John Rees and Ann Brooking, 9-13-1821.
Philip T. Scheley and Frances Brooking, 7-8-1824.

Ann B. Brooking- alias Ann B. Rees  5-13-1804
Mary E. Brooking 4-4-1806
Frances V. -alias Frances Schley 3-31-1808
Judith Rebecca Brooking 8-10-1810
Joseph Brooking 6-25-1812
Wm. Edward Lee Brooking 5-26-1814
Mariah Brooking 11-17-1816
Emily A. Brooking 3-18-1819
Virginia Brooking 4-15-1821
Sarah Amelia Brooking 12-1-1824
Emily Ann Schley 4-18-1825
John Rees 11-3-1797
Francis Schley 4-25-1826

Edward B. Brooking 10-8-1825
Joseph Brooking 10-8-1825
Judith Rebecca Brooking 9-18-1825
Mary Elizabeth Brooking 7-9-1826
Emily Almira Brooking 11-4-1823
William Rees 12- -1825

Source: Historical collections of the Georgia Chapters, Daughters of the American Revolution, Volume IV

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