Hancock County, Ga.
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Here you can list the names of your "Brick Wall" relatives and information needed.
It is a free service. Please, only request information on relatives that lived in Hancock County or the surrounding area.
Don't forget to let us know if you make a connection.
Has anyone seen plantations records showing the names of slaves and the amount of cotton they picked on a given day?
Alan Ormstead  9/22/2006

In 1825 LaFayette visited Sparta and then came to Milledgeville. Is there a list of the Rev Soldiers from this area that greeted him? Katherine Bray 8/9/2004

Looking for information or plantation records anyone may have or be willing to share on Hancock County slave holders named Lawson, Mapp, Dickson, Lewis, Gonder, Harris, Pinkston, Clayton, Rachel , Stephney or Castleberry.  Especially interested in any Pinkston, Dickson or Clayton information.
Harrell Lawson     7/31/2005

Looking for info on the "Sparta Round Table" that was organized in 1909 and is still an active organization.  The members desire to find out what month the first meeting was held. Thanks Janice 3/20/08

LOOKUPS - I cannot find anyone that does genealogy look ups for fee. Do you know any one? If so, please give my email. I have information on these wives, but can't get to a Library that will have what I need are the parents of Hancock Co,  Harris, Mitchell, and Osborn grandmothers. Thank you so much, Edna 4/11/2008

Looking  for info on the Dickens, Johnson, Burgamy and Burton families of Hancock Co. Will be glad to share what I have. Janice 8/21/2004

ADAMS, Emma Lee- I am looking for information about my grandmother, Emma Lee Adams (Williamson, married name). Emma was born in Jasper County in 1870 and died in Jones county. She had inherited land in Jones County which was in her name when she died. I do not find many Adams names in Jones or Jasper County, and I found no wills pertaining to her in Jones. I understand that Jones and Jasper counties were created from Hancock. The only census record I have seen was in Bibb County. She died in 1906 and is buried in Jones County.  Thanks Louise. lhendrix35@peoplepc.com 10/20/16 

ADAMS, Walter - I’m searching for information on my maternal great grandparents, Walter and Eliza Adams.  Their daughter, Carrie, was my grandmother.  I only know that they lived in Hancock County in the later 1800s.  I would be eternally grateful for any leads.  I plan to spend sometime in both Greene and Hancock Counties next month.  Thank you.  Samuel Cargile 04/10/2015 

ADAMS, WILLIAM -  My ancestor was William Adams, wife was Jane (?) Adams. Children were James C Adams, Rebecca Adams, Nancy Adams, Amy Adams. Amy was my great great great grandmother. I have the will of William Adams.  Am interested in finding more info if possible. I am not sure where they came from before here. I know William died in 1808 and from the will am assuming it was from an accident or short term illness. Marie Piceynski 9/20/2007

ATKINSON - My distant grandfather, Agrippa Atkinson, was born (we think) in Hancock Co., GA around 1777.  He married Martha Patsey Grace around 1797 in Hancock Co., GA.  Martha's parents were Thomas Grace (1750 to Nov 1806 Hancock Co., GA) and Sarah Maddox (1756 - aft 1806 GA).  Sarah's father was Samuel Maddox.  Agrippa was a Justice of the Peace.  I am looking for information on Agrippa's parents and siblings.  Thank you a head of time.
Sherry Clark 7/2/2006

ATKINSON - I too am searching for information regarding Agrippa Atkinson, my gggggrandfather.  His birth is a real mystery.  It is thought by many that he was born between 1770 and 1777 in GA, but I am wondering where that estimate comes from. He could have been born before that.  Also, the names of his parents and siblings would be good to know about.  So much is known about his later life, it is surprising that his early life is such a mystery.  Linda Scott  3/18/2008 

AVERETT. John. Received land grant for Rev. War Service in Washington Co. (became Hancock)  June 6, 1784   287.5 acres  Warrant 1297  bounded on east by Christopher Chambless.
Trying to prove who were his sons or nephews:  Matthew, David, Drury, Allen, Benjamin, Archibald, Archilaus, Albright
Virginia Crilley   5/29/2005

BARTLETT, SR. John - I am looking for information and the children of John Bartlett sr. b. abt 1770 NC Dot 1/31/2005

BINION - I'm searching for a record showing John Binion's (b. c. 1785 - d.May 4, 1829) children. I have Mary Elizabeth and Julia Ann in my records. John was son of William Binion and Jane Burton Binion. I'd also like to locate land records. I have records from Inferior Court and newspaper records regarding John's military service and public service in Hancock
County. Will share any information I have. Contact me .

BRANTLEY - I am searching for the grave(s) of Lunsford Brantley and his wife, Christiline(Christine) Waller 
Brantley. Lunsford was the son of Amos Brantley. Lunsford and Christiline were married in Hancock Co. in 1843. He was born there and she may have been, anyway they were longtime residences of Hancock Co. Please contact me if you have any info as to what happened to this couple or their children. Bill 04/08/2012 

BRANTLEY - According to some research, one James Brantley married in Hancock County GA on 14 FEB 1813 to Sally Binum; then he married Elizabeth King on 22 JUL 1824 in Hancock County, GA.   So far I have found nothing on him.   No land records, etc.  Any suggestions?   Thanks, Jackie Saxon 10/26/2010

BRANTLEY - I am searching for the grave(s) of Lunsford Brantley and his wife, Christiline(Christine) Waller
Brantley.  Lunsford was the son of Amos Brantley.  Lunsford and Christiline were married in Hancock Co. in 1843. He was born there and she may have been, anyway they were longtime residences of Hancock Co.  Please contact me if you have any info as to what happened to this couple or their children.  Bill  04/13/2005

BRANTLEY: Please help me locate Lunsford Whitaker Brantley and his wife Chrisiline (Waller)/ Also James Amos Brantley's wife/wives? and As well as Alma Brantley - She was married but I don't know to who. She was a teacher. She died of Kidney Failure at age29. She was my Grandfather William Lloyd Brantley, and My Uncle Thomas Haynes Brantley's Sister. Alma was born Dec 19, 1908 and died Jan 18, 1936 or 1937. I think she moved to Lovejoy Ga for some amnt of time. email me at people4news@aol.com  Thanks, Tonya Brantley (Sprague) 5/10/2008

BRINKLY: Hi i am looking for the parents of Aaron  Brinkly    D.O.B   WARREN  COUNTY, GA   6-1834-1839  .He married  Elimina Brinkly D.O.B  is 1841  D.D 12-10-1920  they were married in 1867.  Elimina's father name is Leonard Camp,  which is unknown  for now.  Children   Sallie Brinkly, Boston  Brinkley   Eddie Brinkly, ( Fannie  Brinkley  ( Sallies daughter )  dob   1874  grandson  Matthew  Brinkley. PLEASE HELP  !   IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING. Trish 3/25/2011 

BRINKLEY: I am looking for anyone to share infro on Hugh Mathis Brinkley Sr, and Lillie Mae Reese Brinkley, these are my parents. My mothers parent are John Wesley Reese and Nancy Brookins Reese, My name is Ida Brinkley Brown. My mom told me and my siblings that we have Cherokee Indian in us. If anyone know of this please share with me.
Thanks Ida  email  6/19/2008/12/05/2011.

BURCH:  am looking for the Will of Jarod (Jared ) Burch. It is suppose to be according to the General Index to Wills and Estates. 1794 - 1850  It says page 86.  I found this title "Historical Collections of the Joseph Habersham Chapter, Daughters American Revolution, Vol III., 1910."  Where would I find the correct Book  Pat Westerfield   Pat@Westerfield.net   (909) 792-6932  Thank you.4/2/2017

BURGESS - I'm looking for any info About The "Burgess" family of Hancock County. Had a son...John Burgess -born 1789 in Hancock County. Later in life he was called - John "Pappy" Burgess. He died in Cherokee Co., NC AFT 1880, he was 91.  Occupation: Farmer. Religion: Baptist. Thanks....Duke Burgess 1/5/2008

BUTTS - I am looking for the children of George Miles and Amanda Louise Lanier Butts.   This couple was married in Sparta around 1832.  In 1850 the were in Baldwin County with 4 children, Henry, Thomas, Emma, and Columbus.   Can't find the family in 1860.  All the sons fought in the civil war for Georgia.  Don't know where they went after the war.  Emma married in Coweta Co. to my great grand father George Wolfe and came North.  I have her data.  Thanks Joyce in Ky. 10/17/2004

BUTTS -I  am looking for more info on George Butts and Martha ? Butts.  What was Martha's maiden name?  When and where married?  In George's will George Miles, son, was listed as a survivor, all other children already dead.  What happened?
     Who bought the plantation left to Geo. Miles after his mother's death?  Geo.M. and his wife A.Louisa both died in Boone Co. Ky., while visiting daughter, Emma Wolfe.  Hopeful for some info. Joyce in Ky. 10/28/2004

CAMP -  I am looking for the parents of John Jackson Camp. He was born July 28, 1813 in Hancock County, Georgia. Any clues would be appreciated.
Thank you, Marie 'Elaine' Sparks Christian. 3/30/2013 

CANDLER/CHANDLER - Does anyone know anything about a perspn between 1795 & 1815 who witnessed many HANCOCK COUNTY LEGAL DOCUMENTS & served as a JUSTICE OF THE PEACE by the name of " WILLIAM C(H)ANDLER III  " ? Was his real name " WILLIAM CANDLER III ", the grandson of COLONEL WILLIAM CANDLER of Revolutionary War fame as a patriot in GEORGIA ?  Mitch Faulk 6/23/2011 

CASTLEBERRY - I am looking for information on Robert Castleberry, born ~1853 in Ga.  Slave, married to someone named Julia A. in or near Hancock County, Ga.  He died in Jan 1935.  Our family is looking for info to complete the family tree.  We cannot find Julia A. maiden name or Robert’s father and mother.  Any help is appreciated. Contact R Smith 06/18/2011

CONNEL, DANIEL -  Daniel Connel was a Revolutionary War Soldier, Justice of Peace in Jefferson Co., Louisville, GA. He died in Wrens, GA where it is believed he lived. It is also believed that he along with other members of his family and wives are buried in the Connell Field in Wrens, GA by the Strawberry Patch of this day. But his name isn't listed on the stone nor his wife. He had a son named Thomas in the year of 1787 in Richmond Co., Augusta, GA. There is a possibility that Daniel was married once before Polly Smith but not proven. Records show that Daniel married Polly in Warren Co., GA Jul 2, 1802. So as you can see years conflict and it's uncertain about Thomas' Mother. 
Warren Co., Marriages from GA Gen Magazine

Daniel filed an Application for Pension - Revolutionary War Service: Fed GA S31631. There is a letter from Mrs. Henry Reid, Athens, GA (1932) included in pension papers. GA Pioneers vol. 1-2 1965-66, p.5: Connell, Daniel R.S. County Residence at the time of the draw, It was 1827, Jefferson Co., GA and he drew Lee County lottery. Rev. Soldier - Col Robt. Middleton's Batt., Richmond Co. Militia. 10-15-1872, p. 91- p. 8 Patriot Militia Augusta Com. Sept 1775. Fed Pension GA 31631 from Ancestoring v.1 Augusta Gen. Soc P.R. p. 16-17 Extract of 1796 Tax Digest, Jefferson Co., GA Capt. Terry's district, 81st G.M.

It was in Richmond Co., Augusta, GA that Daniel enlisted in 1781. He served at Augusta, GA part time at Ebenezer Creek part aboard a boat on Savannah River to furnish army provisions. At Burke County Jail, Waynesboro, GA., he received a serious wound to his left wrist which left him an invalid. Since war he lived in Jefferson Co., GA. People who knew him as a soldier are Abraham Beasley, clergyman and Matthew Jordan. He was discharged in August 15, 1782.

In the year of 1812 Jefferson Co., Tax Digest v. 12, p.2; GA Gen. Soc., Quarterly line 66 Daniel Connell 1820 census for Jefferson Co., GA p.44, line 11.

"Georgians In The Revolution: At Kettle Creek Burke County" Robert Scott Davies, Jr.: Daniel Connell, p. 115, line 48 "Among other Whig Soldiers at Burke County Jail were Daniel."
Dodd, Jordan R., et. al. "Early American Marriages: Georgia to 1850. Bountiful, UT.: Precision Indexing Publishers, 19xx 
Georgia, Warren County.
Need more information on Daniel Connel(l). J. P. Connell 2/15/2011 

COOPER- I'm tracing my ancestor Joseph Cooper, b. c 1755 most likely in Virginia.  He lived for sometime in Hancock County GA. I'm wondering if he may have been related to Thomas Cooper who was the father of the "historically famous" Mark Anthony Cooper.  Joseph Cooper ultimately died in Columbia County, Georgia before 15 Jan. 1828. Any help would be appreciated. This is what I have assembled so far: 
November 25, 1797 Augusta Chronicle: On Tuesday the 12th of December next, at the plantation whereon Thomas Cooper, dec. formerly lived, in Hancock county, WILL BE SOLD A Negro fellow and woman, a flock of cattle, hogs, and horses, a quantity of green feed cotton, corn and fodder, plantation tools, household and kitchen furniture, one still of the capacity of sixty gallons, and a variety of other articles; part of the personal estate of the said Thomas Cooper, and Sarah Cooper, late of the same county deceased. 
November 1, 1797 
The following definately places Joseph Cooper in Hancock County in 1800 as he mentions Claiborne Clifton who is later mentioned in Joseph Cooper's will of 1827. 
"I Joseph Cooper of Hancock County for and in consideration of the good will and affection which I do bear toward my beloved daughter Polley Cooper, as also for and in consideration of advancement in marriage with Mr. Claiborne Clifton, which is shortly taken place, have given and delivered to her the following negros, viz, Beck and her child Miles, Bett and her child Anna, Lewis, Mike, Cate and King.  This 20th February 1800.  Wit:  Jno. Simmons. Reg: 21st October 1801." [[page 273]] Source:  Land Deed Genealogy of Hancock County, Georgia Abstracted & Compiled by Helen and Tim Marsh Southern Historical Press Inc. Greenville, South Carolina 1997   ISBN:  # 0-89308-662-2 pg. 273. [[Found this at the Atlanta History Center Archives Dept.  October 13, 2004 RWK]]
From Hancock Co., Georgia- Early Newspaper Abstracts, "Farmer's Gazett" 1803-1804, 1806-1807 Abstracted by Faye Stone Poss pp. 48: Appeared in the Saturday April 21, 1804 edition of the "Farmers Gazett" Vol. 1, No. 40.  "John C. Currie, Will commence his SCHOOL on the 16th of April, at the plantation of Joseph Cooper, Esq.  Terms as usual.  A few BOARDERS may be accomodated on moderate terms." 
From: Hancock County, Georgia- Supplement to Early Newspaper Abstracts, p. 182. Appeared March 15, 1806, Vol. III, #127. "Oconee Navigation Company. Agreeaby to an act of the General Assembly, passed on the 7th day of December, 1805, entitled an Act to Incorporat a Company for the improvement of the Navigation of the Oconee River, between the Big Shoals at Jorn Barnett's and the Town of Milledgeville, beg leave to notify the public that subscriptions are now opened, and request the patronage and attention of the citizens to so desirable and important an object.  Joseph Cooper, Jehu Smith, Superintendents.  February 17, 1806. "
From Hancock Co., Georgia- Early Newspaper Abstracts, "Farmer's Gazette" 1803-1804, 1806-1807 Abstracted by Faye Stone Poss p. 36 "We present Prestly Ingram, for stopping the public road leading from Sparta to Joseph Cooper's Ferry, on the Oconne-- Joseph Cooper, witness."
Joseph Cooper and Claiborne Clifton again named in the following:
From Hancock Co., Georgia- Early Newspaper Abstracts, "Farmer's Gazett" 1803-1804, 1806-1807 Abstracted by Faye Stone Poss p. 44: Sheriff's Sale.  Will be Sold, On the first Tuesday in November next, at the Market House in the Town of Sparta, 200 acres of Land, lying on the Beaverdam of Ogechee, adjoining Jernigan whereon lives Joseph Cooper, to satisfy an execution in favor of John Colley vs. Joseph Cooper and Claiborne Clifton.  Also--Two Negroes, Betty and Asa; taken as the property of Edward Brodnax to satisfy Singleton Holt. Terms Cash.  Hamlin Lewis, Sheriff.  October 1st 1806.
Robert 10/21/2004

COOPER-  My great grandmother Lula Cooper (b. 1880) lived in either Hancock or Baldwin County. She married Elton STANLEY and they had several children. Looking for any information on her parents or siblings. Deborah 01/13/2015. 

CULVER/LEWIS/THOMAS Am looking for information on Georgia Ann Culver, Judge Lewis Thomas, and Isabelle Lewis Thomas.  Isabelle Lewis Thomas married MacDonald Boyer.  All from Hancock County, GA   any info greatly appreciated. Ruth Smith 5/7/2008

CRUTCHFIELD - GRIGGS  Seeking infomation on Francis Possen Crutchfield (b. 1800 NC) married Rebecca Griggs Dec 16, 1824, in Hancock County.  Later moved to Wilkinson County. Are there any records still there in Hancock County for this time period or has everything been sent to the Archives in Atlanta? Carol Hoszowski 5/15/2006

CURETONS - Would like to correspond with any of the descendants of Curetons from Hancock County about their Cureton ancestors.

Trying to connect my Cureton ancestors back to Hancock County, but so far only circumstantial evidence of Hancock County surnames appearing in the same counties with my Curetons: Averitt, Christie, Dickson/Dixon, Miller, Moon, Patterson, Pullen/Pullin, Woods

My Curetons were in Upson & Talbot Counties by 1840. May have lived in Bibb, Butts, or Crawford Counties, in between Hancock & Talbot counties.  Listed in records as Curnton, Curinton, Curenton, Carington, Curington. 

Any leads are appreciated,
Melissa Speed Speed 11/14/2005

DENNIS, CULLEN - Sparta Ga. 1870 Census, I found Cullen Dennis on the 1870 Census with a # 430 & 438 beside his name on Line 26 Page 471.  Does anyone know what the numbers mean? I am truly at a Brick Wall on who Cullen Dennis' parents were.  He was born in Dec. 1823 in  Georgia and his parents were from Georgia.  Thank you for your help.  Lera Henkel  4/4/2005

DENNIS, DANIEL - I need desperately to find info. regarding my ggg-grandfather Daniel Dennis.  My first knowledge of him is his marriage in Hancock Co., Ga., to Ms. Mary Sladeon November 29, 1818.  We would like to find out who his parents were, if possible. His birthdate is: 5-31-1797.  Born in Georgia.  Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.  Denise D. Durden  8/12/2004

DICKSON/KELLY/CLARK - Looking for family of James Curry Dickson and Margaret Kelly, Della Belle Dickson, Bolden Sassnett Clarke, Sarah Elizabeth Clarke. Joyce Jackson      7/31/2007 

DRAKE, EPAHRODITUS - My Great Great Great Grandfather Epaphroditus Drake lived in Hancock Georgia and had several children.  I know that many of his relatives still live in Georgia some of them around Roswell and others in Lee County Georgia having  received a land grant from the land lottery.  Need more information about my family. Alan Beaird 6/15/2010 

DOUGHTERY -  I am interested in ANY info on William Charles Dougherty and Ella Virginia Davis Dougherty.  One of their children was my grandfather, Guy Carlton Dougherty, born 7/13/1878 in Sparta, GA. Cissy Burnette 10/17/2010

DOWNS - Seeking information on Silas Downs;  He was living in Warren County, Georgia where he married a Nancy Bridges.  He later moved to Washington County, Georgia.   I am trying to determine where he came from?  My great grandfather was his son, Richard Lee Downs. Robert Allen Downs 11/10/2005 

Richard Lee Downs
 dob:  Januray 26, 1852
dod:  March 8, 1939
I am a great grandson of this individual. I know he was born in Hancock county, but nothing else about
who his family is.  His grandfather should be Silas Downs.
I have a death certificate from the Hancock County Probate Court, but nothing.  He should be in the Hancock Co. 1860
Federal Census.  He is in the 1870 Washington County Federal Census, household of Silas Downs.
Robert Allen Downs 04/12/2006

I am trying to determine the parents of Richard Lee Downs; He was born January 26, 1852 in Hancock County, Georgia. 
According to the 1870 Federal Census for Washington County, Georgia, Richard Lee Downs was living in the Silas Downs 
household near Warthen, Georgia.  In the 1880 Federal Census for Washington County, Richard was living in the Martha Elizabeth Tanton household.  Martha Ann Tanton was his first wife.  Richard Lee Downs lived in Hancock County in the 1850's and 1860's. Richard was living in Hancock County in 1890 with his second wife, Angie C. Osborn Downs, and died there March 8, 1939. Richard Lee Downs and Angie Cheek Osborn Downs are buried at Mineral Springs Baptist Church in Washington Co.Robert Allen Downs 5/2/2006

ELLIS, Levi - I am searching for any information on my great, great grandfather Levi Ellis (possibly Levi J) born about 1835 in Hancock County, Georgia.  Any leads would be greatly appreciated! Jeff Ellis 5/1/2015 

ELLIS, Moody – I am looking for the parents of my great, great, great grandfather, Moody Rollins Ellis.  He was born in Hancock County, GA in 1804. Hayden Bowen 11/10/2009

FUQUAY-  Dear Researchers, I am looking for any information from 1794 forward in time pm PRATHER & MARGARET FUQUAY  alias PRATER & MARGARET FUQUA of CAPTAIN JESSE SANFORD'S District of Hancock County formerly of Richmond & Columbia Counties. Errononeously referred to as QUARTER FUQUA for the 1794 Tax Digest. Had a Cousin or Brother  in the same district listed as a tax defaulter in 1794 & 1797 called MOSE UGUE. PRAT(H)ER = PRATER = PRATOR ; FUQUA = FUQUA(Y) .    Need Death Records, Ancestry & Birth Records. His Brother's name was THOMAS FUQUA of Burke-Jefferson & Richmond County, Georgia Thank You, MITCH FAULK    phone [478] 731-0592   MACON, GEORGIA. 6/23/2011 

FERRILL- Born 1725, Lincoln County (likely) NC.
Died 1807, Hancock County GA
Married to ____________________________?
Byrd Ferrill, born ______________?, died 9/10/1829 Butts County GA
Benjamin Ferrill, born 1765, died 1834, Screvin County GA
Bryant Ferrill (my great great grandfather) born 5.29, 1769, died 12/25/1836 Jackson County MS
Arheclous Ferrill, born 1772, in NC, married Sally Parker in Greene County NC

My best available record is that William Ferrill died in Hancock County.

MY PRIME OBJECTIVE; Locate grave of William Ferrill, somewhere in Hancock County.
Secondary Objective: Discover name of his wife, and if possible dates of birth and death.  It is my best guess that she would have died and been buried in Hancock County.  Edward FERRILL McKee  6/12/2005

FUQUAY-  Dear Researchers, I am looking for any information from 1794 forward in time pm PRATHER & MARGARET FUQUAY  alias PRATER & MARGARET FUQUA of CAPTAIN JESSE SANFORD'S District of Hancock County formerly of Richmond & Columbia Counties. Errononeously referred to as QUARTER FUQUA for the 1794 Tax Digest. Had a Cousin or Brother  in the same district listed as a tax defaulter in 1794 & 1797 called MOSE UGUE. PRAT(H)ER = PRATER = PRATOR ; FUQUA = FUQUA(Y) .    Need Death Records, Ancestry & Birth Records. His Brother's name was THOMAS FUQUA of Burke-Jeffersonv & Richmond County, Georgia Thank You, MITCH FAULK    phone [478] 731-0592   MACON, GEORGIA. 2/25/2011 

HARRIS - I am researching my wife's family line and have hit some confusion. Her ancestors in Hancock were Mr William T Harris or Thomas W Harris and his wife Susannah Harrell. Thomas  was born 1850 and died in 1881. Susan Harrell was born about the same year, but died in 1907. I am surmising that he was the William T Harris living with the Harrell family as a farm worker in 1870 then Susan Harrell marries Thomas Harris then she is buried with William Harris. 
I am trying to link them to the appropriate families in the county. If you happen to know anything that would help, I would be very greatful.  Drew Sanner,  Dsanner106@aol.com  

HARRISON, ELIZA - Looking for date of death. She was a member of Balerma Baptist Church and the Church Record has her date of death as Jan 1, 1915 and written above Jan is May. Did she die in Jan or May? Bruce Harrison Storm  4/15/2016 

HOLCOMB/GRANT -  John Holcomb m. Keziah Grant, I need parents and children for both. Joy Vazquez 4/12/2011

HUMPHREY: Looking for information on Anderson D. Humphrey who lived in Hancock Cty. Do not know if he was born there. Married to Sarah Grant in 1837, and Elizabeth Ann Oliphant in 1841. Was listed in 1850 census as an "overseer" District 108. Children: Elisa J., David F., Charles J., Matilda A.R., and Aaron.
Thank you advance. Michael Humphrey 6/24/2014 

JACKSON -  I am looking for information regarding CORA L JACKSON. She was born in l869 and married Thomas Ryal Brantley (son of Thomas Jefferson Brantley) and died in 1913.Her daughter was Mae Alma Brantley Etheridge.  Thanks for anything you may have on her family; I have nothing but one photo and dates.  N. Etheridge 9/02/2008

JOHNSON SLAVES -  I am looking for plantation records or slave records for slaves on the Johnson plantation in Hancock county, ga.  Especially interested in Malcolm Johnson.  Thanks in advance! Anika Foster 2/27/2006

JUSTICE, Priscilla (Cilla, Silla) -  Looking for information on the family of Priscilla (Cilla, Silla) Justice. She was married to a man named Charles Watson. Contact me at cmagee7@cox.net  6/25/17  

GRAY - Looking for info on the George Gray family living in Hancock late 1790's through early 1800's. He and a couple of his sons show up on tax lists before moving on to Jones Co. The Gray family and the Mullins family also in Hancock had some marriages between children while there but have found no record of Marriages. Brenda Gray Felder. 8/27/2004

GREEN, John (Jack) Wesley -Any information on my maternal grandfather John (Jack) Wesley Green and the rest of the Green family relations. wife was Lizzie Amerson from Washington County. Thanks Robert L. Smith. 11/18/2009 

GRIFFIN, John Patrick - I  am looking for information on my great, great grandfather-- John Patrick Griffin who may have went by Bill Pat Griffin. he was born in Hancock or Washington co in 1811. I have some info but am limited. Who was his parents and where were they from? Please e-mail back to Marty. 12/18/2005

GRIMES - Info wanted on Frell Furman Grimes who appears in 1907 Will of Laura A Jones as receiving" the Rievco Place" Rodshop67@aol.com

HARREL - Harrel : I am looking for any info on Neal Harrel or his wife or parents. Neal was born in Hancock co. cir 1800. His father was born in South Carolina. Allen Harrell 3/22/2004

HARRISON,William Duggan - Someone in the Sparta area had a set of family photo’s for the William Duggan Harrison family.  I would like them to contact me.
Email   Bruce Harrison Storm 6/26/2014 

HARRIS - I am researching my wife's family line and have hit some confusion. Her ancestors in Hancock were Mr William T Harris or Thomas W Harris and his wife Susannah Harrell. Thomas  was born 1850 and died in 1881. Susan Harrell was born about the same year, but died in 1907. I am surmising that he was the William T Harris living with the Harrell family as a farm worker in 1870 then Susan Harrell marries Thomas Harris then she is buried with William Harris. 
I am trying to link them to the appropriate families in the county. If you happen to know anything that would help, I would be very greatful.  Drew Sanner  4/8/2012

HARRIS - MITCHELL -OSBORN  am trying to find  Giddy Harris born @ 1789, married William Archer in 1811. I can't find her parents names. Hunting Emily and Elizabeth Mitchell's parents, married Tilman and Alexander Archer in 1838.
Need to find L. Fannie Osborn's parents. She was born 1854 married William Henry Archer in 1869. I have all the Archers but, can't find any of my grandmothers Parents all in Hancock co. thank you  Eddie Malone 3/23/2008 

HOWELL - Need information that confirms that Daniel R. Howell, b. 1821, and Ashley Howell, b. 1807 were brothers.  Also, does anyone have any information about the parents of either of these men.  Many thanks.  Jane Freeman Mullis

HOYLE, John, John J., and William. I have some information about John, John J., and William in Hancock county 1790-1820. John Sr. disappears from records after 1820. The others migrated west. It is for information on John Sr. that I am searching. Nicki 09/7/2016

HUSSEY, MCCOY - Am looking for information on grgrandfather McCoy Hussey, born 9-28-1883,  who was married to Elizabeth Delary Gaissert (Ludwig Gaissert and Sallie Janes).  Have hit a dead end trail and can't find his parents, etc.  Possible birthplaces come up all over the place, North Carolina, Georgia and even Florida.  Have spelled Hussey every way possible to no avail. Any info would be greatly appreciated..contact Jerelyn Miranda  2/5/2008

 HYMAN - I am looking for info on the Aaron Hyman . Aaron was born about 1800, died prior to July 7,1834 (before1831), married July 27, 1823 to Avey Melton/Mallon. They had (1) Mary Ann Hyman md. Alfred Hester, (2) Samuel Henry Hyman, Sr. md. Mary Elizabeth Sidewell/Sidwell, William Frances Hyman, and Franklin Hyman. Any help will be greatly. J. Hyman 9/15/2010 

INGRAM LARKIN , Mamie Lizzie. My family is is trying to locate information about our great-grandmother, Mamie Lizzie Ingram. All we have is a picture of her. We know she was born and raised in Hancock County but left as a teenager and she married James Larkin. We read Emily Allen Garland's book trying to find answers with no luck. We also have a relative from Hancock by the name of Robert Thomas but he later changed his name to Rasleigh Hall (unsure of correct spelling. Any assistance will be appreciated. Paulene Butts\
paulene.butts@oconeeresa.org 9/6/2017
JOHN, Daniel - The 1794 tax list for Hancock Co. lists a Daniel John who I know is the son of Zephaniah John who moved from North Carolina in 1787.  The 1820 Georgia census for Hancock Co. lists a Daniel John who I know is my gggggreat grandfather.  I have desperately searched for proof, some document, that these two people are the same.  If anyone knows anything or can offer suggestions, please email me  Cynthia Johns 1/5/2007

JOHNSON - Johnson, Amos- Hoping someone has information they will share on Amos Johnson, who lived in Hancock County from the early 1820’s until sometime in the 1850’s, when he moved to Greene County. 

Amos listed his place of birth as “North Carolina” in several censuses.  In the 1850 census, he listed his occupation as “overseer”.

There are two Hancock County marriage records and two Greene County marriage records that list an Amos Johnson as the groom:
Hancock Co.       1823       Edna Ann (may be Elisa Ann) Robertson
Hancock Co.       1841       Emily Caldwell
Greene Co.         1843       Priscilla Marchman (possibly the sister of Catherine Moon and widow of William Marchman)
Greene Co.         1860       Catherine Moon

He had seven children with some combination of the above wives:
Whitfield, Elizabeth, Phoebe, Edwin, Sylvester Amos, Fanny and William Levi.
And, it’s possible that, in addition to the above, he may have had an older daughter by an earlier wife in North Carolina.

Amos was my great-great grandfather and, as you might be able to guess from the information that I have been able to pull together, a challenge to research.  Any information or clues as to where in North Carolina he came from, who his parents were, additional information on his wives and marriages,  and assistance in sorting out his wives and children that anyone can offer would be sincerely appreciated. Bill Druitt 11/15/2011 

JOHNSON, Martin -   am looking for information on my ggrandfather, Martin Johnson.   I saw a  Martin Johnson on the Hancock County, GA Military website concerning the event  with his children in the field.  I am most anxious to find out who his wife and  children were.  Is there anyone who can help me?  Thanks,   Kathryn 1/31/2005

JOHNSON - Looking for the parents of William Herbert Johnson, born Feb 10 1910 in Hancock Co. GA.  Died March 14 1989 in Baldwin Co. Ga. MarriedLouise Elizabeth Hooks, born Aug 20 1914, died Dec 4 1975. 2/6/2006 Marianne

JONES - Looking for any information on my grand mother,Annie Lee Jones, or her family.
      Annie Lee died shortly after giving birth to my mother who was her fourth daughter around 1914 in Sparta, Ga.  Her other daughters, Ed, Annie, and Molly, reportedly moved to Chicago with their father leaving my mother behind.   Mom was raised by her Aunt Mattie and her Uncle Theodore Stanton in Sparta and lived there until she moved to Cleveland with her husband in the 1940's.
  VMH  Cleveland, Ohio 8/17/2005 

JONES - My ancestor is John A. Jones who married a Martha (Mitchell possibly) in Hancock County, in 1845 ca. I have a possible marriage license, but there were several John Jones in Hancock in 1840 census. Their oldest son was Solomon Harrison Jones born in Hancock County, January 31,1846. By 1850 census the family may have moved to Alabama, as there is no record of them in Hancock. Three children were born in AL, in 1852,'56,'57, and all the later ones in GA. By 1870, the family moved to Panola County,TX. I can trace them with land and deed records in TX, but have no records in GA or AL. Any ideas as to where to look in AL would be a help. Were there any particular migration patterns? Lolene 12/30/2005

JONES -TUCKER - Looking for parents of Thomas Jones and wife Eliza P. Tucker who lived in Hancock the early 1800.  Their children were Joseph B., Peyton T, and John M. Jones.  We will appreciate any information about this family.
 John C. Jones       7/10/2005

JORDAN, COLBERT. I found Richard Jordan listed among the first (1807) Baldwin Co. taxpayers list.  His son William B. Jordan married Grace B. Colbert.  Just recently I found a notation about a will for a William Colbert with son Jonathan Colbert (Grace's father) in Hancock Co.  Two of the persons listed on the account of sales was Britain Jordan and Bulan Jordan.  I then found that part of Hancock Co became Baldwin Co in 1807 so possible this is a case where the people didn't move the line did.  Looking for some connection to this family.  Other Jordan children married: McCRARY, SIKES, SPEAR, HOY, ESTES, BATEMAN, HARRIS Artie Morgan   7/3/2005

KILLINGWORTH : Looking for information on Ambrose Killingwirth . He was in Hancock Co in 1820 , Warren Co, Ga in 1805, Be glad to share with anyone who might be interested. Addie 4/10/2012 

KIRK/WOMACK -  My brickwall is trying to find the link between Stephen Kirk (wife Anna Womack) and possible links to Chatham County, Orange County North Carolina where Abraham Womack (father of Anna) resided.  Abraham Womack died in Monroe County Georgia at 90 years of age and was cited as a revolutionary war soldier. See KIRK'S OF THE SOUTHERN WIND  Scott A. Kirk 10/23/2010

LAYFIELD: Looking for (father/daughter connection between Nancy Layfield & her father John Layfield) need proof of this connection. Nancy Layfield, born: c 1813; died: 16 Oct 1879, Bibb County, GA., married:  Joseph Marshall, born: c 1813, Married 1832, Hancock County, GA. & John Layfield, Jr., born: abt 1783, Maryland; married  Sarah Waller, born: 4 Feb 1810, Hancock Co., Ga. Thank so much for any help. Jo Compton 7/24/2008

LEWIS, JAMES : Looking for James W. Lewis and wife Emeline Henry.  Purported to arrive in Hancock around 1830/35.  Married in Spartenburg County South Carolina.  A James shows up in Lincoln County, North Carolina ( later Gaston County) in 1845 and marries my GGgrandmother. She much younger than him and had money.  I may not be the only scoundrel in this Family Lewis.   George E. Lewis  10/25/2005

LEWIS: I am looking for the parents of Nancy Lewis of Hancock (my 3rd great grandmother) who married William Stembridge in 1815.  They are the parents of: James Franklin Stembridge b:1820 / William Wesley Stembridge b: 1825(my 2nd great grandfather) / John Henry Stembridge b: 1829 / Judith Stembridge b: 1834 / Louise Stembridge b: 1836 and Amelia Stembridge b: 1840.  Thanks. Stephanie Johnson 6/28/2012 

LOCKHART: I am searching for proof of the marriages of RICHARD LOCKHART (d. 1800) and Mary (Polly) Pope (d. Aft 1 Aug. 1837) and Jesse Lockhart (b. c1779, d. 17 Oct. 1851 and Mary PuryEAR (a minor in 1812), all of Hancock County.
Thank you for any help or leads. Dee  8/16/2010 

LOCKHART: Family name of Lockhart who donated land for a school back in the 1800's. He may have been a Doctor in the Confederate army.  Email me. 03/09/2015

LOGUE, EXIE M.:  I'm looking for information on Exie M. Logue, born 1883 in Hancock County.  Her father was William B. Logue, born August 30, 1854 and died November 4, 1927.  Her mother was Martha Ella Logue, born 1857.  She had several siblings which included Addie Pearl Logue, Nona Bell Logue, Claudie logue, I've only found her on one census record, 1900, from ancestry.com. Any information on this family that you could give me would be most helpful. Thanks, Allison Wells 8/8/2012 

LOGUE, WILLIAM: I am looking for any and all information on two individuals, both named William Logue some say he was known as William R. Logue, Jr of Hancock County.  I need confirmation of this and if there is any information at all about him.
  One was born around 1799 and married Emily L. Simmerson on 26 Feb 1846..this date from family bible
Having two sons: Asa Alford and William F. b: 1852 and this all is according to a family bible:
William F. Logue b:1852 d:27 Oct 1889 married Sarah E. Brown b: 1848 d: 23 Mar 1886
they had five children
William Harris Logue was born 06 Apr 1975
Asa Lorenza Logue was born 19 June 1877
Charley Jefferson Logue was born 02 Aug 1879
Walter Rogers Logue was born 12 Nov 1881 d: 11 May 1940
W. C. Logue was born 19 Nov 1883 d: 3 June 1886
  I believe that Emily's parents were Asa and Elizabeth Simmerson of Hancock, GA and Sarah's parents were William and Elizabeth Brown of Cato GA.
  Any information that you can ascertain on this family would be much appreciated. Annette Logue, Darien,  GA      7/3/2005 

MADDOX - A John B. Maddox was born in Hancock County in 1808 and moved to Monroe/Butts county area as an adult. Looking for his father, possibly a Samuel or William Maddox.  Pat Freeman 9/25/2012 

MATHES - Looking for information on Andy J. Mathes (born 1871)  married to Solama Painter.I have found mention of Andy in Hancock County but is listed as married to someone else.  Solama passed,away when she was about 25 and i am sure Andy  remarried after this. Patricia 07/05/2012 

MIZE - Looking for slave records for Hancock County - in particular with any surnames of MIZE. P. M. King 6/28/2012 

MOFFETT, JOHN -  I am looking for any information after 1812 on John Moffett, specifically when he moved from Hancock County GA to Mississippi Territory.  The last public record I can find for him and his family in Georgia is Captain John Moffett, a district captain, in 1811 and 1812.   Georgia Archives does not show any records for Hancock County after 1812 until about 1820.  I am looking for the years in between that time.  John Moffett was in Mississippi (Perry County) by 1818, and I am sure he was there before that but need proof.  He founded Tallahalla Baptist church in Perry County in 1818, and had a daughter born in March 1818 in Perry County.  Older children were born in Georgia.  The Moffett children married into the Ellis family, probably in Hancock County GA and also in Perry County MS. Moffett is often misspelled as Moffit, Moffat, Moffatt, Moffitt, Moffeit, Moffiet, Moffet, Muffet, and other spellings.   Mary Landin 8/8/2008 

MONTGOMERY - Researching MONTGOMERY family, living Sparta, Hancock Co., GA abt 1785.  In particular, John, b. abt 1730, poss. VA;  living Old Camden District,  Lancaster Co., SC abt 1754; d. abt 1785 Sparta, Hancock Co., GA.  Known children - two sons (1). WIlliam MONTGOMERY b. abt 1754, Old Camden 
District, Lancaster Co., SC, d. before Sep 1818, Wilkinson Co., GA, (2)  James MONTGOMERY, details unknown.  Per records available at Emory Univ 
MARBL archives, John Montgomery is my 5ggf. Thank You. Gene Montgomery 10/6/2015 

BENJAMIN MORRIS b. abt 1777 SC m. APSELIA _____?  b. abt 1777 SC - They later marr. and resided in Hancock Co. It is believed that APSELIA may have been either a HARVEY or a BLACKSTONE, and these families also lived in Hancock Co.  I'd LOVE to learn more about Apselia and her parentage. Please email me if anything is known, or if you may be of this family line.  Thanks, Tina Keene Peddie/CA  11/28/2005

NEEL, HUGH - I’m looking for any information on my great great great grandfather  Hugh Neel married to Mary Neeper who was thought born and died in Lancaster Co, PA.  Their children: Thomas born about 1800, Samuel (my great great grandfather), Martha Jane, Rebecca and John.    Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks. D. Billings 4/2/2007

NEEL - I've been looking for information on my ancestors, the Neel family.  I know that Thomas Neel was a planter in Hancock County at the time of the Civil War.  After the war, Thomas's son and my great, great grandfather, Charles Mallory Neel, moved to Atlanta.  Charles's sister, Mary Neel, married the man who would become Governor Northen and also moved to Atlanta.  They would return to Sparta briefly before he became Governor.  What I haven't been able to find is information on Thomas Neel or his antecedents.  Please have anyone with that type of information email me  Warren_Neel. Thanks, Warren Neel 4/5/2006

GEORGE W NEEL, born abt 1850, Tazewell County, Virginia.  Raised by James H. Neel and Barbary Clementine Repass and in 1850 lived in the house with Samuel Neel, Amanda Neel, Minerva Neel, Zachariah and Mary Neel (both Zach and Mary are children to Eleanor McFarland and Thomas Neel).  I cannot find out who George W. Neel’s parent’s are or how he is related to the persons I just mentioned.  ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT. Theresa Smith/Neal/Morgan  3/1/2007

OGLETREE - ELIZA (ELIZABETH A.) OGLETREE b. 1827 Hancock Co.GA m. 13 Dec 1849 Knoxville, Crawfd Co.GA WILLIAM P. PATTERSON (Wm. d. Apr 1863 Shelbyville, Bedford Co. TN during CW). Their children: Missouri Patterson b. 1853 Tuskegee, AL, SARAH 'AMELIA' Patterson b. 1856 same, and ROBERT PATTERSON.  My ancestor, Sarah "Amelia" mar. Joseph B. STEMBRIDGE of Hancock & Crawford Co.GA. Thanks, Tina Keene Peddie  10/9/2006

OVERTON, John - I am looking for information on John Overton Sr. and his children. Dot 1/31/2005 

OXFORD - I am looking for information about the family of Jacob Oxford (abt 1817- Dec 1863). His wife's name was Anna Eliza Oxford. Lived in Hancock county per the 1850 census. I know that Jacob died during the Civil War and is buried at the Confederate Cemetery in Marietta, GA. Looking for the whereabouts of his wife's grave. Any info would be appreciated. Heather 5/6/2005

PATTERSON -Looking for information on Louisa A. Patterson - living in Hancock County in 1850 Census with her Sister and Brother-in-law in the household of Alfred Barksdale.  Her parents were George R.D. Patterson and Frances Wade. Louisa A Patterson married a Wiley before 1860.  She is living with her brother George M. Patterson in Sumter County, GA in 1860 Census with 3 
children, but no husband.  (Two children having been born in Texas).  Any information on her husband's family would be greatly appreciated. Amie W. Cleghorn 12/2/2010 

PEACE - Seeking information of Major Peace (1791-1854) and his first wife Bridget Gilleland (1795-1820).  I think he was the sheriff of Hancock County but don't know the dates. Larry Pope 8/28/2005

PINKSTON: Peter Pinkston. 7/20/2016. Alfreda Pinkston

PRITCHETT/PRITCHARD - Searching for information on James Pritchett/Pritchard on the Hancock Co. GA tax list of 1794,  He left a will in this county and moved to Missouri Territory near St. Louis where he died in 1811. Wife was Nancy. Had several children. Many thanks. Dalena Nichols, 446 SE 581 Trail, Locust Grove, OK 74352-7556.  3/25/2008

REID - I am looking for information on a William Napoleon Reid of Hancock County. We know he eventually moved to Treutlen Conty, where he died.  One of his boys was named Carlos Napoleon Reid, who had a son named Arlie Carlos. (A.C.) Reid, who was our father.  All of Treutlen County.  The only information we've found so far was in the 1880 census that had a William and Henry Reid (Laborers) living in the Trevvick Household.  Anyone familiar with these folks?
Joel L. Reid  9/29/2006

REESE - Looking for grave of James Reese Rev War Vet. Hudson Meacham   3/8/2007

REESE, John Wesley Looking for information or records from anyone whom may have or be willing to share in Hancock County on the name Lawson, Dickson, Lemon, Pinkston, Sims, Clayton, or Castleberry. John Wesley Reese was married to Nancy Brookins. These are my grandparents, I am looking for info on their parents, sisters and brothers if you will share. Hugh Mathis Brinkley/Brankley, Lillie Mae Reese are my Parents, I am looking for Hugh's parents, sisters and brothers and Mother and daddy. Thanks Ida Brinkley Brown 11/19/2007 

ROGERS -  Enoch Rogers came to Walker Ga from NC and died there. Married Catherine Teague and had Nancy, Polly, John, David, William, Mary and Robert. He also married Racheal Pellegram and had two sons. James and Thomas. John Rogers married Amy G Adams. Connections? .Marie Piceynski 9/20/2007

SANFORD- Looking for information on Jeremiah Sanford Jr. 1774-1843.  Wife Ada Palmer and they had 9 children, one being Jeremiah who supposedly died Mardh 20, 1838 in "his 21st year".  I am trying to confirm this information.  Thanks.
Carol O. 7/25/2007

SMITH - I am a descendant of John Ezekiel Smith b. 19 Mar 1827 in Habersham County and d. 11 April 1911 in Hancock County (buried at Bethel Church Cemetery.)  He married Emily Johnson in 1850 in Hancock County.  I have been unable to locate John Ezekiel Smith’s parents or siblings nor the parents or siblings of Emily Johnson. Tonie Maxwell 11/1/2008 

SPURLOCK/SPUELOCKS- Looking for records of a Louisa or Louise Spurlock or Spurlocks born about 1825 in Hancock Co., GA. She married Ira Jackson Weems around 1844. I don't believe she stayed in Hancock Co. after she married. Gary Nunn 6/5/2018  

STANTON/GARLAND/BRODNAX.  Looking for proof that Nancy Garland who married William Stanton in 1808 in Hancock County, Georgia was the daughter of William Terrell Garland and his wife, Martha Brodnax. Doris Davies   7/17/15 

STELLEY/STEELY/STEELEY: Seeking info on the following:  WILLIAM (Steely, Steeley) 
William Stelley of Hancock county Ga. returned 200 acres of land for Taxes on Buffalo Creek. 
 ( 6 Slaves, 200 acres, land in Hancock, Co. Ga.  On buffalo creek, Adjacent to Flourney, Granted to Whatley, amt of tax --$2.625.  ref. Hancock Co. Ga. Tax Digest, 1796, capt. Raines’ District. ) 

Also, info on: 
1805-06-- JAMES STEELEY 
Tax List Montgonery Co. Ga. District # 50,  poll tax $0.3125
Note:  James Steely mentioned  as a “Revolutionary Patriot” 
“Marriage (1866)  of Joshua Rhodes Wimberly, MD to Adelaide America Steely , daughter of Rev.William R. Steely and granddaughter of James Steely, a revolutionary Patriot. “ 
Re: History of Twiggs  County , Family of John Lowy  Wimberly compiled by J. Lanette O’neal Faulk (Mrs Hugh Lawson) and Billy Walker Jones. Published by Major General John Twiggs Chapter, DAR,  Jeffersonville, Ga.  (  Birmingham, Ala. Public  Library )
James returned 100 acres of the same land that William Stelley/Steely/Steeley did in 1796
Any info on either of these men would be appreciated.  Jim Steeley   posted Feb. 13, 2015 

STEWART, ANDREW  He was married to Esther Wright. He was a farmer in Warren Co. He is listed in 1830 Hancock Co census. He is also mentioned in the will of Pryor Gardner of Warren Co. I am trying to find out who his parents were. If anyone can help with any information on STEWART family in these counties, please contact me. Brenda Kelley 7/11/2010

SYNDER - Looking for any INFO on the SNYDER family from Washington County. Cathy Hartley 7/14/2006

TATUM - Seeking information on the families of Nathaniel and Phoebe Fort Tatum and Peter (Nathaniel's son and one of eight children) and Nancy Sledge Tatum, residents of Sparta, Hancock County, Georgia in the early 1800's. Trying to make a connection between these families and a Dr. Sidney Seth Tatum who came to Claiborne Parish, Louisiana c. 1850. Thanks, Richard Tatum   2/27/2006

JAMES THOMAS -  I have been researching James Thomas, my 4th great grandfather, to prove him as a patriot in the American Revolution 
for 10 years for the DAR. His son was John Sherrod Thomas of Milledgeville. I believe his other son was David Thomas. His mother was 
Martha Walker.  James and Martha were from Virginia and came to Georgia before the American Revolution. 
    David and James were born in Hancock County according to John's 1881 obituary as well as other articles and books about Milledgeville.
James and Martha are buried in the Butts-Thomas Cemetery where the tombstone for James Thomas says Georgia  Troops in the American Revolution. He fought with Elijah Clarke and was was given a land bounty in Washington  County which became Hancock County.  I recently came across a fragment of James Will which says he lived at Fontainbleau. Do you anything about this family? Bitsy  3/16/2016 

TOLSON, FRANCES - Need help with any information that might be in your files re my GGrandmother Frances Tolson, born 1846 in Hancock County, GA. She was a textile worker there so she must have lived there for a long time before marrying my GGrandfather Wells and moving to TN. Thank you, Beverly Wells Roseberry

WALLER - I am looking for information for Matthew Harris Waller. The only information that I have found thus far is that he was born September 18, 1799 in Georgia. He migrated to Louisiana where he married and raised a family. He died 6 Sep 1872 in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. I would appreciate any information about his parents, and any additional information that may become available.
Marvin Miller 11/14/2010

WALLS - Looking for the Walls  history and how they came to Hancock county. Willie Mason 10/23/2014 

HIDDEN/WHITTEN - Looking for JAMES WHITTEN/WHIDDEN who lived in Hancock Co. Family also in Washington Co.  1820s. Ha married Eliza ? born in SC. They moved to Fl. in 1850 so anything prior. THANKS
 Lyn Emery   3/8/2007
WHITE - EWING - Looking for parents of John D. White b. about 1812 and Nancy E. Ewing b. about 1811.  They were married in 1830 and subsequently moved to Tennessee and then to Missouri.  Jo Cornelius 3/29/2007
WILSON: Ida Wilson. 7/20/2016. Alfreda Pinkston
WOMACK CEMETERY - Please help me to locate cemetery where Richard Womack and his son, Abraham Womack, are buried.  The internet indicates "Abraham Womack plantation".  Richard ,b. 7 Dec. 1710  and died circa 1785-1790.   Abraham b. 22 Apr 1742 and died 9 Dec 1804.  
One record says they're buried near Powelton (or Pouelton sp.?) in Hancock Co.
 I'm trying to prove that Abraham is the son of Richard.  Richard lived in Burke Co., but he died while visiting his son in Hancock.
 Any information you might have would be very appreciated.  Thank you so much,Rebecca Redding  09/21/2016

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