Hancock County Ga. Biographies

Alexander H.  Stephens      Mrs Lovic Pierce      Dr. Lovick Pierce   William T. Colquitt      Richard Malcolm Johnston     Gov. William J. Northen
           "The history of this county furnished a number of instances of longevity. Dr. Timothy W. Rossiter, died in 1845, aged 92; General Henry Mitchell, a soldier of the Revolution, died at 79; Mrs. Tabitha Marchman, at 91; Mrs. Judith Greene, at 84; Captain James Reese, 84; Wm. Wyley, 84; Mrs. Elizabeth Reid, 88.
   Among the Revolutionary patriots who died in this county were, John Hamilton, Esq., aged 78; Mr. Amos Brantley, aged 70; Dr. Edward Hood, 71.
    The county has furnished her share of distinguished men. Hon. Dixon H. Lewis was born in Hancock. Governor Mcdonald, W. T. Colquitt, and numerous others, resided in the county. Hon. Bolling Hall was a gentleman of an uncommonly fine mind. We have in our possession a number of his letters addressed to prominent men, and they afford evidence of a great knowledge of the science of government. Hancock may still point to many useful and patriotic men among her citizens. It is said that she is particularly noted for producing stout men. We have heard of a jury whose united weight exceeded 3,600 pounds.
    Among the first settlers of the county were General H. Mitchell, Bolling Hall, Charles Abercrombie, General Adams, Henry Graybill, Joseph Bryan, William Rees, Jonathan Adams, John Montgomery, Jacob Dennis, Archibald Smith, T. Holt, Thomas Raines, James Bishop, Isham Rees, M. Martin, R. Clarke, R. Shipp, F. Tucker, L. Barnes, W. Wyley, William Saunders, James Thomas, Jesse Pope Jonas Shivers, William Hardwick, L. Tatum, and  R. Moreland."
Source:  Historical collections of Georgia. George White.  1854, c1853.

Hancock's Noted Residents

   "Settled by a superior class of people Hancock became at once a county with splendid schools and of great plantations; and from the virile stock which peopled this fertile region in pioneer days there flowered a host of noble descendants.
    Here lived Dr. William Terrell, a wealthy physician and a prominent man of affairs, who was one of the first Georgias to endow the State University at Athens. The county of Terrell was named in his honor.
  Absalom H. Chappell, a member of Congress, a jurist, and an author, was born in Hancock. Afterwards he removed to Columbus. Colonel Chappell, when quite an old man, published a volume of rare interest entitled: "Miscellanies of Georgia."
  Four miles from Sparta, the great Bishop George F. Pierce established his country home at a plance which he called "Sunshine", and here is reverend father, Dr.  Lovick Pierce, closed his long and useful career, at the age of ninety-four.
   Near Bishop Pierce, at "Rocky" lived the noted author, Richard Malcolm Johnston.
   Near Powelton lived Governor William Rabun. In the same part of the county Jesse Mercer was at one time settled as a pastor." Source: Georgia's landmarks, memorials and legends, Lucian Lamar Knight, 1913-1914
Charles Abercrombie
James M. Archer
William S. Askew (link)
A. S. Bass
Archibald Battle 
Jesse Brown Battle (link)
Col. Richard B. Baxter
R. A. Beall
Nathan S.S. Beman (link)
Rev. M. B. L. Binion (link)
John Booth 
Col. W. L. L. Bowen
Epps Brown
William H. Burwell 
Thomas Usher Butts
Warren A. Candler
Josiah Carr
William N. Coleman
Samuel Boykin Collins (link)

Walter Terry Colquitt
Mark Anthony Cooper (link)
      Additional Information
Combes Family (link)
Joel Crawford
John L. Culver

Julian Sidney Devereaux (link)
Amanda America Dickson
David Dickson

William S. Dickson
Charles Wilds DuBose
Kate DuBose
Singleton Franklin
Henry Graybill
Nathaniel Hunt Greer (link)
Allen R. Griggs (link)
Bolling Hall (link)
Alfred Presley Harper (link)
James A. Harley
Henry Richard Harris
James M. Harris 
William Anderson Harris
Charles Easton Haynes
Lucius Henry Holsey (link) 
Albert Clinton Horton (link)
Adella Hunt (link)
Richard Malcolm Johnston
Thomas J. Jones
Muriel Joslyn
Dixon Hall Lewis (link)
Josiah Lewis
W. D. Maddux
Gov. Charles J. McDonald
Rev. Robert McGinty 
Eli Mercer (link)
Henry Middlebrooks 
J. T. Middlebrooks 
Judge Richard W. Moore
Risdon Moore 
Mullins Family (link)
Charles N. Neel
George Foster Pierce
Lovick Pierce
Alexander. W. Pitzer
Dr. Theophilus O. Powell 
Pleasant W. Rachel 
Gov. William Rabun (link)
Carl. G. Reaves
Seaborn Reese
Barnaby Shivers 
Linton Stephens
Marcellus A. Stovall
William Terrell
Nathaniel J.Toomer (link) 
J. W. Treadwell
Isaac Miles Wales
James T. Whaley 
Dr. Isaac Smith Whitten (pdf)
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