Confederate Amnesty Applicants from Hancock County, Georgia.
See the proclamation from the Library of Congress for details and
Most applicants owned taxable property valued at $20,000 or more.
Jacob Barrett
Edwin F. Birdsong
John Birdsong
William H. Brantley
Henry W. Coleman
David Dickson
Thomas J. Dickson
Edgar G. Dawson
William J. Harley
Benjamin T. Harris
Miles G. Harris
A. M. Jackson
Andrew J. Lane
Seaborn J. Lawrence
William L. Reaves
William J. Sasnett
W. T. Simpson
William W. Simpson
Theophilus J. Smith
Linton Stephens
John P. Sykes
James Thomas
W Eliza Terrill
Thomas M. Turner
Thomas Whaly
George W. Watkins
Isaac S. Whitton

Source: Confederate Amnesty Papers  Publication Number: M1003.  Publication Title: Case Files of Applications from Former Confederates for Presidential Pardons ("Amnesty Papers"), 1865-67. NARA.  Date Range: 1865-67,  Georgia

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