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The Chehaw Affair

By E. Merton Coulter; Regents’ Professor Emeritus of History, University of Georgia There once stood in Southwest Georgia near Leesburg (northeast of Leesburg) Georgia an immense live oak whose trunk was reputed to be nine feet in diameter and whose boughs measured 120 feet across. The Chehaw Indians who had a village nearby were said to have held their council meetings under this giant tree. In 1912 the Daughters of the American Revolution placed a granite boulder here bearing the follow description: “CHEHAW Large Indian town, home of the Chehaws. A friendly agricultural people of the Creek tribe, who aided our early settlers. They contributed man, food, and horses, to subdue the hostile seminoles. Here Andrew Jackson rested with his starving army and was given help in 1818, through misunderstanding, were sacrificed seven of this tribe by Georgia troops, for which all possible amends were made.” The Chehaws were a part of the Creek Confederation and had villages scattered throughout this part of Georgia, principally along the Flint River until later they moved to the Chattahoochee and ultimately to the Indian Territory, beyond the Mississippi. 1)This village was called Au-muc-cul-le, in later times, Chehaw Town. Benjamin Hawkins describes it as follows:- “Au-muc-cul-le; (pour upon me;) is on a creek of that name, which joins on the right side of Flint river, forty-five miles below Timothy Barnard’s. It is sixty...

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The Chehaw Indians

By Dr. Lee W. Formwalt; Albany State University Our earliest documentation of the Chehaw Indians goes back four and half centuries to 1540 when southeastern Amerindians encountered Europeans and Africans for the first time. Hernando de Soto and his band of Spanish adventurers came across the Chehaw or Chiaha Indians on Zimmerman’s Island in the French Broad River in present-day Tennessee. By the early eighteenth century, however, the Chehaw had moved south to the Ocmulgee River where they had greater access to the British traders operating out of Charles Town, Carolina (now Charleston, S.C.). A number of Lower Creek Indians from the Chattahoochee River had also moved to the Ocmulgee establishing ten or more towns which became an important trading center for the Charles Town merchants. Within a few years, however, a number of Native American tribes in the Southeast became concerned about their dependence on and exploitation by the British. As they became more dependent on European goods, particularly guns and ammunition, it became more difficult for the Native Americans to extricate themselves from their involvement in the European trade. More and more deer had to be slaughtered to meet the growing European demand for deerskins. Worse was the large scale Indian slave trade the developed. Joined by their Indian allies on the Ocmulgee River, the English led many slave-capturing expeditions into southwest Georgia and north Florida against...

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Coursey Cemetery, Clyo, Effingham County, Georgia

Coursey Cemetery is located at 219 Coursey Cemetery Rd., Clyo, Georgia The small rural cemetery is located just south of the South Carolina line in Effingham County Georgia. It’s earliest graves are those of husband and wife, J. J. and Martha Pitts, but the eventual name which would stick with the cemetery is the “Coursey Cemetery” for the numerous Coursey graves. Mary Walton Pitts would marry Robert Coursey and the remaining interments would be related to this union. The latest burial was in 2001 when Marian Coursey Tuttle Haynes chose Courtney Cemetery as her last resting place. Coursey, Eugene D. b. Nov. 8, 1917 d. Jan. 12, 1973 Coursey, Henry Donald b. Oct. 12, 1893 d. Nov. 20, 1982 Coursey, Infant b. unknown d. unknown Coursey, Infant b. unknown d. unknown Coursey, Infant b. unknown d. unknown Coursey, Infant Daughter b. Oct. 26, 1939 d. Oct. 26, 1939 Coursey, Jenny Esther Perry b. Aug. 22, 1897 d. Oct. 11, 1975 Coursey, Lewis L. b. 1881 d. 1945 Coursey, Mary Walton Pitts b. Oct., 1859 d. 1942 Coursey, Minnie Ruth Boyles b. Aug. 22, 1918 d. Jan. 12, 1981 Coursey, Robert b. Oct. 5, 1851 d. Jul. 31, 1926 Coursey, Robert Henry b. May 24, 1938 d. Aug. 5, 1953 Coursey, Robert Perry b. Aug. 15, 1915 d. Feb. 27, 1998 Everett, Claudius L. b. 1917 d. 1958 Everett, Claudius...

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Dawson County Georgia Genealogy and History

A guide and directory to Dawson County Indiana genealogy, containing both online and offline resources for genealogy and historical research. This website contains sources of genealogical data about Dawson County such as biographies, cemetery records, census records, church records, court records, family records, land records, military records, naturalization records, and vital records. Dawson County was created by a legislative act on December 3, 1857, primarily out of Lumpkin County and smaller parts of Gilmer, Pickens and Forsyth counties. Georgia’s 119th county, and the county seat of Dawsonville 1)In 1850, Calhoun, Ga was called Dawsonville before it was renamed., were...

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52nd Regiment, Georgia Infantry, Company I

Roster of the 52nd Regiment, Georgia Infantry, Company I Dawson County, Georgia Command Russell, John R.- Captain March 4, 1862. Surrendered at Greensboro, N. C. April 26, 1865. McClure, Robert N.- 1st Lieutenant March 4, 1862. Contracted typhoid fever at Big Creek Gap, Tenn. May 1862. Fever settled in both legs, and erysipelas in head caused loss of hearing in left ear. Resigned February 2, 1863. Elected Captain of Co. D 4th Ga. State Guards Cavalry; Major of 11th Regiment Ga. Militia Cavalry in 1864. Surrendered at Kingston, Ga. May 12, 1865. (Born in Ga. November 1, 1835. Died at Gainesville, Ga. November 19, 1915) Logan, Andrew J.- 2nd Lieutenant March 4, 1862. Elected 1st Lieutenant February 2, 1863. Wounded severely in left thigh at Resaca, Ga. June 14, 1864. Surrendered at Greensboro, N. C. April 26, 1865. (Born in Ga. January 1, 1848) Hyde, Oliver P.- Jr. 2nd Lieutenant March 4, 1862. Elected 2nd Lieutenant February 2, 1863. Resigned in 1864. NCO’s Pierce, Reuben Harrison-1st Sergeant March 4, 1862. Discharged, over-age, in 1863. Hudlow, George B. 2nd Sergeant March 4, 1862. Captured at Vicksburg, Miss. July 4, 1863. Paroled there July 1863. Reduced to ranks December 1, 1863. Roll for December 31, 1863, last on file, shows him present. Pension records show he enlisted in Home Guards. Grogan, Richard G.- 3rd Sergeant March 4, 1862. Pension records show...

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Dawson County Georgia Cemeteries

The following have been transcribed for Dawson County Georgia cemeteries Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery, Dawson County Georgia Bird Family Cemetery, Dawson County Georgia Cochran Cemetery, Dawson County Georgia Dawsonville Cemetery, Dawsonville Georgia High Shoals Church Cemetery, Dawson County Georgia Kelly Family Cemetery, Dawson County Georgia Lebanon Church Cemetery, Dawson County Georgia Martin Family Cemetery, Dawson County Georgia Palmer Family Cemetery, Dawson County Georgia Cemeteries Of Dawson County, Georgia 252 page hardbound book by the Dawson County Historical and Genealogical Society Began in 1999, this transcription project attempted to locate and record all cemeteries in Dawson County Georgia. To insure against the chances of missing a grave, each cemetery was transcribed twice, and proof read by several different volunteers. The cemeteries are listed in alphabetical order, with markers listed by row number and marker number, followed by name, birth date, death date, and other pertinent genealogical information found on the marker. There may be more than one marker listed for some of the graves. For example some graves may have a funeral home marker and a tombstone; therefore, each would be listed. Books orders may be sent to P O Box 1074, Dawsonville, GA 30534. Current cost is $30.00, plus $5.00 shipping. If you live in the area you may pick up your book at the Dawson County Library or by appointment at the Dawson County Historic...

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Lebanon Church Cemetery, Dawson County Georgia

Location: Kelly Bridge Road BANISTER Deverix 12-8-1834 11-9-1886 Mary A. 3-26-1834 8-11-1912 Missouri 5-8-1863 4-7-1944 N.E. no dates Pate 6-24-1866 5-24-1935 CLARK Cinda Ola 8-21-1896 4-17-1973 Ernest Coleman 6-8-1896 DOOLEY James 3-15-1797 2-20-1881 Ruthy G. 4-20-1805 3-28-1883 ELROD Anderson 1-27-1865 4-11-1947 Sallie (wife of A.N.) 3-4-1872 5-1-1936 HEATHERLEY Nancy L. (wife of James M.,  dau. of James & Ruthy G. Dooley) 12-26-1849 2-20-1877 LOOPER E. Matilda S. (wife of W. Furman) 1888 Inf. ch. of Laura E. & Felton W. Furman 1883 1945 NICHOLS Evie E. 1904 1971 Linda A. (wife of Tilman M.) 8-16-1882 7-1-1964 Ronnie R. 2-2-1950 10-11-1957 Tilman M. 6-5-1884 4-17-1964 Transcribed ca. 1974 by Annette and Rupert...

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Palmer Family Cemetery, Dawson County Georgia

Location: Off Highway 53 BLACK Two inf. daughters of N.D. & S.E. PALMER Caroline E. (wife of John) 3-16-1834 5-29-1906 Emily E. (dau. of John & E.C.) 12-4-1858 5-13-1862 Inf. of John & E.C. Inf. of John & E.C. John 6-10-1823 4-5-1914 Transcribed 3-20-1983 by Annette and Rupert...

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Martin Family Cemetery, Dawson County Georgia

KEITH Margaret 9-16-1843 McAFEE Dolly 3-12-1809 3-5-1908 Hugh 1-17-1804 1-3-1863 PALMOUR Joseph W. (son of J.D. & E.R.) 5-27-1857 6-16-1859 Kezia 2-9-1820 7-4-1916 Robt. E.L. (son of J.D. & E.R.) 5-17-1865 9-15-1866 Solomon (son of J.D. & E.R.) 12-9-1852 11-14-1857 RH____ An…elom 10- 17_2 4-24-__ RHODES James B., M.D. 11-24-1861 4-14-1893 Josephus 3-18-1802 9-18-1891 RO____ Mary 7- 180_ 2-9-1853 ROE Eliza 2-9-1850 2-4-1855 Margaret (wife of D.J., dau. of R.B. & Mary McClure) 12-29-1824 9-1-1866 Transcribed 3-26-1983 by Annette and Rupert...

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Bird Family Cemetery, Dawson County Georgia

Location: Hopewell Road BARNES Judge (age 27 yrs., 6 mo., 7 days) 3-3-1905 Nettie 11-11-1875 2-28-1893 Sarah M. 9-8-1853 3-10-1926 William Jasper 5-12-1851 2-21-1932 BIRD C.C. 11-4-1819 3-4-1900 Charles C. 3-11-1862 2-1-1872 Charlie C. 7-16-1889 12-12-1962 Daisy Bruce (wife of Charlie C.) 3-23-1895 1-3-1968 George Ham 7-12-1880 5-2-1883 George Truman 12-29-1872 1-2-1955 H.F. 4-2-1878 3-26-1947 Hyman R. 7-14-1883 10-8-1884 Mary E. (wife of W.H.) 12-23-1856 3-28-1891 Mary E. (infant) 6-16-1887 M.R. 9-2-1856 4-12-1929 Sarah A. (wife of C.C.) 7-17-1831 10-20-1904 William Clayton 9-24-1873 1881 BYRD Ezekiel V. 12-14-1886 2-12-1958 HORAN Georgia 8-27-1865 9-28-1940 RUDOLPH Mattie Barnes 8-17-1879 3-5-1960 Transcribed ca. 1983 by Annette and Rupert...

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